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How many European users do you have?

By design, the OTW does not track all users or have the ability to create a browsing history for every individual. Based on assumptions about ordinary use that are reasonable in light of our experience, we have estimated the number of monthly active European users as approximately 3.48 million, but we reserve the right to make different assumptions in the future. In addition, there is uncertainty about what constitutes a “platform” or “service” under the Digital Services Act and whether projects such as the Archive of Our Own and Fanlore are distinct “platforms” or “services” from each other. We reserve the right to revisit this… Read more

Who is welcome to use the OTW services and to volunteer?

We welcome everyone who wishes to discuss sources (shows, bands, sports players, anime, etc.) and fandom; we welcome everyone who creates or enjoys fanfiction, vids, fanart, and other kinds of transformative works.

Can I volunteer to help?

The OTW recruits regularly for different committees and positions. For recruitment calls, please see our Volunteering Page . You can also contact our Volunteers & Recruitment committee at any time. You might also be interested in Fanlore, the OTW’s fandom preservation wiki, and helping add information there. (A good place to start is the Fanlore wishlist, where current editors post where they’d like assistance). For more information, please visit our Volunteering FAQ.

How were the committees selected?

The Board determines which committees should be organized, then appoints chairs to those committees and approves committee members chosen by the chairs. The initial committee members were chosen from people who responded to the first public “Willing to Serve” call for volunteers.

Who chooses the Board of Directors?

The 2007-2008 Board was appointed to get the OTW up and running. All subsequent boards are elected by OTW members. It is the Board’s responsibility to organize committees, make final decisions, keep financial records, handle compliance, and so on. Board members are asked to serve three-year terms. One-third of the Board is elected every year. The Board is elected from among members in good standing who have served at least one term on a committee. Every member of the OTW gets one vote in the election, regardless of how much they contribute. If you are interested in running for the Board, please contact Elections staff…. Read more