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September 2022 Newsletter, Volume 171

I. THE OTW TURNS 15 In September, Communications celebrated the OTW’s 15th anniversary with a trivia game, a fanworks challenge, and special interviews with Francesca Coppa and Constance Penley. Congratulations to our trivia and challenge winners, with thanks to Development & Membership for providing prizes! Communications also reenabled comments on AO3 news posts in time for the anniversary. And at the end of the festivities, we also announced that AO3 reached 5 million registered users during the festivities–incidentally, on September 15! II. AT THE AO3 Open Doors announced the import of By Your Command, a Battlestar Galactica fanfiction archive. It also completed the import of… Read more

August 2022 Newsletter, Volume 170

I. CHANGES TO FAN CULTURE PRESERVATION PROJECT In August, Open Doors announced two updates to its Fan Culture Preservation Project, which seeks to preserve physical fanworks such as fanzines. While continuing its partnership with the University of Iowa, Open Doors added several additional partners as part of an overhaul of its website, which now lists contact information for multiple institutions that donors can choose from when deciding where to donate their fannish memorabilia. Open Doors also announced a new subproject, the AO3 Fanzine Scan Hosting Project, which will involve importing scanned or transcribed zines to the AO3 with the permission of creators and/or zine publishers…. Read more

July 2022 Newsletter, Volume 169

I. FANDOM IN COLOR AT FANLORE In July, Fanlore had a great Fandom in Color themed month, featuring pages of all kinds related to characters of color; events and communities that celebrate them; and articles, discussions, and fan activism around race and fandom. You can check out all of the great pages and topics Fanlore highlighted using the Fandom in Color dedicated tag on Tumblr. (Or #FandominColor if Twitter is your preference!) Fanlore also held a Discord editing chat on the same theme that gave rise to some excellent discussion, edits and new pages — thanks to everyone who came along! II. AT THE AO3… Read more

May-June 2022 Newsletter, Volume 168

I. VOLUNTEER PRIVACY AND DATA SECURITY UPDATES In light of the malicious email attacks against OTW volunteers that took place in early May, teams across the OTW have been working to improve our internal processes to protect volunteers’ privacy and secure sensitive data. The Board of Directors has been continually liaising with committees, including Legal, to deal with the ongoing aftermath of these attacks. Likewise, the Board discussed with Strategic Planning integrating data security into the OTW’s upcoming Strategic Plan. A draft of the proposed new strategic plan has been sent to all chairs for review and feedback, and Strategic Planning is working on incorporating… Read more

April 2022 Newsletter, Volume 167

An advisory note to readers: This newsletter reports on activity in April 2022, which was originally intended to be released in May 2022. Due to interruptions to our usual process as explained in the OTW Board’s post last month our posting schedule has been delayed. The OTW’s investigation is ongoing as the Board and Legal Committee continue working with all relevant authorities. I. APRIL DONATION DRIVE Development & Membership held a Donation Drive in April, and thanks to the overwhelming support of our users (and the excitement over the card decks), we far exceeded our donation goal, with a final total of US$275,724.51 donated by… Read more