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August 2023 Newsletter, Volume 181

I. 2023 ELECTIONS CONCLUDED Elections completed its work in August with the 2023 election successfully closed. Congratulations to our new Board members! They wrapped up with a statistics report on voting activity. Board is excited to see the election conclude, and delighted to welcome its new members! The current directors are preparing to dive right into training them to take up their new roles. II. AT THE AO3 Accessibility, Design & Technology has been focused on coding and testing bug fixes, infrastructure updates, and site improvements. They’ve had five deploys in August, ranging from single-issue updates to entire grab bags of fixes. The change log… Read more

July 2023 Newsletter, Volume 180

I. DOWNS AND UPS Systems was hard at work getting the Archive back online after a large DDoS attack. After a period of downtime, the Archive was back up behind Cloudflare, and the committee has been spending some time fine tuning things to reduce the impact to good traffic, while still taking care of the bad stuff. Huge kudos to Cloudflare for working to get us back up and running & continuing to help us refine things, to our datacenter for helping us work through the initial attacks & the move to Cloudflare, and to everyone who sent messages of support as our volunteers worked… Read more

June 2023 Newsletter, Volume 179

I. BOARD OF DIRECTORS UPDATE Board held a public meeting on 2 July; they’ve heard the feedback about needing to improve for the next meeting, and they are exploring options. Thanks to everyone who offered up ideas for making Board meetings run better in the future – they fully intend to make changes for next time and beyond. During the meeting, they shared updates on diversity, including their recent post, and they also shared an update to our Code of Conduct to include caste as a protected class. Board hopes to have more updates, including additional progress in their search for a DEI consultant, by… Read more

May 2023 Newsletter, Volume 178

I. BOARD OF DIRECTORS UPDATES The Board knows that it needs to improve its internal and external communication about updates on ongoing work and we have published an update on the commitments we’ve made in 2020 to combat racism in our platforms. We completely understand that it’s often frustrating for volunteers and fans alike when various discussions and projects take a long time to move forward. The Board will do its best to provide ongoing updates on these projects. We have also scheduled a public meeting on the 2nd of July at 20:00 UTC (What time is that for me?), where anyone present will be… Read more

April 2023 Newsletter, Volume 177

I. FANLORE NEWS Fanlore has been working on making page outlines more accessible and making guidelines and practices more visible to new editors. Accordingly, there is a new Help page, Help:Non-English Language Content, now available on Fanlore. Fans are also welcome to get assistance via the Fanlore Discord server. Fanlore held an editing chat there focused on link archiving on April 29. II. AT THE AO3 In April, the OTW celebrated the 11 millionth fanwork being posted to AO3! Communications’ social media-only announcement of this milestone spread speedily after it dropped. Thank you to everyone who’s shown AO3 and the OTW your support this month!… Read more