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November 2022 Newsletter, Volume 173

I. OPEN DOORS IMPORTS In November, Open Doors completed the imports of By Your Command, a Battlestar Galactica archive, and The Pony Fiction Archive, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic archive. It also announced the upcoming imports of Slashknot, a Slipknot (band) LiveJournal community, and The LeBeau Library, an X-Men fanfiction archive. Stay tuned at the beginning of 2023 for a roundup of all the imports Open Doors has completed in the past calendar year! II. AT THE AO3 Accessibility, Design & Technology posted release notes detailing a whopping 55 issues resolved over four deploys from August through November. Meanwhile, Support worked on… Read more

October 2022 Newsletter, Volume 172

I. FANLORE NEWS Fanlore has had a busy month! It started off in style with its long-awaited MediaWiki upgrade, which was capably overseen by Systems. One of the big additions in the upgrade has been the introduction of a Visual Editor that makes formatting really easy – if you haven’t yet, give it a whirl on Fanlore by using the “edit” tab! If you need a guide to which button does what, Fanlore’s Editing Pages Help page has got you covered! Right after this, Fanlore kicked off its anime & manga themed month, Fanimangalore! It’s been highlighting ships, terminology (lemon, anyone?) and tropes on our… Read more