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Further Changes to Support and Policy & Abuse Responsibilities

As we continue to work on better balancing the responsibilities of our Support and Policy & Abuse committees, we are shifting two further types of issues from Policy & Abuse to Support’s mandate: Fannish Next-of-Kin This is an option we offer that allows a designated person to manage your account if you die or become incapacitated. To learn more about the Fannish Next-of-Kin program, you can read our TOS FAQ on the subject. Please note that if you have a currently-in-process Fannish Next-of-Kin request, our Policy & Abuse team will complete the ones that they have already received. Going forward, if you wish to set… Read more

Where You Can Find Us

As many readers know, Twitter has been undergoing changes which are destabilizing the platform, and there have been reports of frustrating user experiences as services are reduced. This is leading some individuals and organizations to explore other social media options. The OTW has various accounts at Twitter for our individual projects as well as the OTW as a whole. We will be evaluating how Twitter fits into our news distribution efforts as the site changes continue. During this time of possible transitions, we are taking the opportunity to remind readers and followers both where else you can find us, as well as to caution fans… Read more

Resignation of OTW Director

The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) Board of Directors is saddened to announce that Jess White has resigned from her role as a Director for personal reasons. Jess was elected to her seat in 2020 and her resignation is effective as of the 5th of November 2022. As her term was set to end in a few months, her seat will be left open until next year’s OTW elections. We would like to thank Jess for her service as a member of the Board and for her many years as an OTW volunteer. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

The Archive of Our Own Reaches Ten Million Fanworks!

The OTW is delighted to announce that the Archive of Our Own has reached ten million fanworks! After hitting nine million fanworks in March of this year, it’s taken only seven months for our users to post the most recent million works. By contrast, it took just under four and a half years after going into open beta for users to post the first million works to AO3. It’s been a year of milestones for AO3 and the OTW. In 2022 alone, we’ve reached not only ten million works but also five million registered AO3 users, 50,000 canonized AO3 fandom tags, and the OTW’s fifteenth… Read more

OTW Election Statistics for 2022

Now that the 2022 election is over, we’re happy to share with you our voter turnout statistics! For the 2022 Election, we had 11643 total eligible voters. Of those, 4574 voters cast a ballot, which represents 39.3% of the potential voters. We’re proud to say that our voter turnout is higher than that of last year, which had a turnout of 20.5%. We also saw an increase in the number of ballots cast, from 2305 to 4574, which represents a 98.4% increase. Elections is committed to continuing to reach out to our eligible members to encourage them to vote in elections. Whoever is elected to… Read more