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A Statement on Malicious Email Attacks Against OTW Volunteers

Since May 3rd, the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) — the nonprofit behind AO3, Fanlore, and other projects — has been dealing with malicious attacks aimed at the organization and its volunteers. We wanted to share with you some of what’s been happening, as well as what we’re doing to contain it, and how it may affect our response times to your inquiries and our workload in general. Above all, we need to ask for your patience, because these are complicated times for all of us at the OTW. An unknown attacker has been sending our volunteers threatening emails with illegal child sexual abuse material… Read more

TWC releases No. 37, “Fandom Histories”

Transformative Works and Cultures has released No. 37, “Fandom Histories,” guest edited by Philipp Dominik Keidl and Abby S. Waysdorf. This issue “explores the role of fans in the making of histories and examines the practices and media fans use to tell stories about the past” and “contributes to the study of historical representations produced by fans and the complex dynamics and impact of these fan-made histories.” The editors highlight five key directions for fan studies’ engagement with history: (1) The impact fan histories have on fan communities. (2) The materials and evidence fans collect. (3) The production of media that presents itself as truthful,… Read more

TWC Restructures Submission Guidelines

Transformative Works and Cultures issue no. 38 will usher in a new structure: the sections Theory and Praxis will be replaced by a new section, Article, and the journal’s word minimums will change. The new changes are already reflected on TWC’s submissions page. An Article’s length will be a maximum of 8,000 words, plus a 100–250-word abstract. A Symposium piece’s length will be a maximum of 4,000 words, plus a 2-sentence abstract, bumping it up from the previous length of Symposium pieces. TWC’s new co-editors Mel Stanfill and Poe Johnson, who officially assumed their roles on January 1st, spoke to the importance of these changes… Read more

Open Doors celebrates the completion of 12 archive imports in 2021!

Open Doors is pleased to announce the completion of 12 archive import projects in 2021, a total of over 4000 works! We hope that you will find old and new favorites in the collections listed below.

Free Copyright Course for Fans

CopyrightX is a free online course on copyright open to people around the world. Although the OTW does not have any official relationship with CopyrightX, they have been in contact with members of our Legal Committee about their wish to reach fans who are interested in learning more about copyright and fair use. As a result we are sharing this invitation with our readers and users. The course is also open to any member of the public. CopyrightX is a twelve-week networked course, offered each year under the auspices of Harvard Law School, the HarvardX distance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and… Read more