April 2024 Newsletter, Volume 188


Communications has now launched the long awaited OTW News by Email service along with assistance from Translation. The service to deliver our news posts directly to subscribers’ email inboxes is free. Including English, there are 16 languages currently available. It’s possible more will be added in the future, and if so they will be announced in a future OTW Newsletter issue.


Accessibility, Design & Technology spent most of April working on miscellaneous fixes, including updating the blocking feature to apply to gifts. They also had an unexpected few days where a sudden influx of abusive spam led them to temporarily disable guest comments. Together with Policy & Abuse, Support, and Systems they handled the attack and discussed ways to better combat ongoing and future issues with abuse and spam in comments. Translation also worked to create a quick turnaround on the news post explaining the spam situation to AO3 users.

Open Doors presented at a Library of Congress meeting on digital preservation infrastructure! They also announced the import of PHOENIX: Michael Biehn Archive, a multi-fandom fanworks archive focusing on characters played by the actor Michael Biehn.

Support received 2,003 tickets in March. Policy & Abuse received 2,057 tickets in March, and is slowly gearing up for a new round of recruitment. As part of the preparations, they’ve updated their Policy & Abuse committee information page, and reviewed their Confidentiality Policy. Anyone interested in joining the committee should keep an eye out for more information soon!

Tag Wrangling continued work on the test phase for new procedures for wrangling tags not associated with specific fandoms. They’re currently in the process of updating the second round, which includes the canonization of There Was Only One Bed, Mommy Kink, Isekai and Transmigration, and a number of tags related to COVID-19. They also reorganized some tags on the Gender Related tree, renamed some tags that needed renaming, and consolidated some tags to help make browsing and filtering easier.

Tag Wrangling Supervisors additionally took steps to begin implementation of testing for new procedures to allow spreading out workloads from tasks that were previously either solely or primarily worked on by supervisors. Lastly, they made revisions to the workflow for handling Russian language tags to allow the increased volume of tagging in Russian to be handled more efficiently. In March, wranglers handled more than 370,000 tags across over 64,000 fandoms – more than 930 tags per wrangler!


Development & Membership‘s Conventions and Live Events team was at Supanova in Melbourne, Australia. They also plan to be at C2E2 in Chicago, U.S. and the Budapest, Hungary Comic Con. If you left a fanwork recommendation at one of our convention tables, check them out in the AO3 collection for Live Event Recs. We would also love to see photos of where you’ve put your stickers and your #OTWThreeTropeDraw fanworks! Tag the OTW on your social media of choice, come visit us at our convention booths, or add your recs to the Archive.

Fanlore has updated the documentation of their featured article process and are now gearing up for their May themed month which will focus on Asian fandoms. Keep an eye on Fanlore’s Tumblr and Twitter/X for featured articles, and come by their Discord server for one of the themed editing chats in May!

Legal responded to a number of user queries and press queries about fanworks and copyright law, including questions about fanbinding and proposed U.S. state age verification laws. They’re watching those legal proposals as they develop. As currently written, none of them are likely to affect the OTW or AO3, but Legal encourages concerned people to contact their state representatives, because Internet age verification laws in general are likely to be bad for other fan spaces.


Board has had a busy month! They wrapped up OTW’s contract with the corporate culture consulting firm and have started drafting the Roadmap that will help guide the organization’s priorities and strategies for the next few years. Board also checked in with several committees as it is the beginning of a new quarter, and finished work on a few policies. These policies have been handed off to other involved committees for their review and sign-off. Also in April, Board had its second public meeting of 2024. The meeting had 88 attendees and Board answered a total of 12 questions live and 10 more two weeks after the meeting. Minutes from this meeting will be available soon.

Strategic Planning is also working to support the Organizational Culture Roadmap, underneath the Diversifying Spaces goal and support the implementation of that Roadmap as well.

The Board Assistants Team had a busy month as well, continuing work on OTW-wide CSAM procedures and an OTW Procurement Policy. They also began developing procedures for asking Board members asynchronous questions to be answered during public Board meetings, and investigating free training resources for non-profit volunteers. They also worked with Board on several joint projects including tasks for our culture audit and Roadmap.

OTW’s Cybersecurity Delegate has been getting their grubby paws into understanding how information flows throughout OTW and the Archive, as well as having an initial meeting with the first set of committee chairs. They will be gathering information about what people are working on, what they are worried about protecting, and where they see gaps that they need help closing.

Elections has been gearing up for the 2024 election season. This year’s election will be held August 16th through the 19th. The last day to donate and become a member so that you can vote will be June 30th.

Development & Membership ran the April membership drive which raised US$207,088.91 from 6,073 donors. More than 5,200 of these donors became members or extended their membership! Development & Membership also shipped nearly all gifts tied to the October 2023 drive. Translation translated drive posts into 27 languages, and is now preparing to translate Elections posts.


Volunteers & Recruiting worked on external recruitment for two Support positions. They’ve also continued working hard behind the scenes on our internal projects, including the new Internal Complaint and Conflict Resolution (ICCR) Subcommittee.

As of April 23, 2024 the OTW has 866 volunteers. \o/
Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New Communications Volunteers: FrozenSpellMaster, Jacalyn Brooks, Lori P, and 3 other Graphics Volunteers
New Fanlore Volunteers: Jasmine T (Discord Moderator Volunteer), Indes (Social Media & Outreach Volunteer), Aazeen (Outreach Analyst Volunteer), and 2 other Social Media & Outreach Volunteers
New Translation Volunteers: Poro (Volunteer Manager), Cristina Dinu, Illiterations, Silvia L, and 3 other Translators

Departing Communications Volunteers: 2 Media Outreach Volunteers, 1 Event Coordinator, 1 Recruitment Training & Documentation Assistant, and 1 Report Writer
Departing Development & Membership Volunteers: C. Ryan Smith (Volunteer)
Departing Fanlore Volunteers: Jasmine T (Fanlore Discord Moderator)
Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Nrandom (Chair Assistant, Supervisor, and Tag Wrangler), bittercape, Giulia F, SaraChimera, Sturmlight, and 3 other Tag Wranglers
Departing Translation Volunteers: Alice M (Translation Volunteer Manager), Adi M., Cynassa, Ellensax, Lies, and 7 other Translators

For more information about the purview of our committees, please access the committee listing on our website.

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