You Can Now Subscribe to OTW News by Email

Although OTW News can be accessed through various social media platforms, today we’d like to announce an additional option. You can now subscribe to get OTW News delivered to your Inbox. This service is being offered both for reader convenience as well as a workaround for issues fans experience, such as the inability to add links to Instagram posts, missing news posts due to algorithm shenanigans or busy days, or not using the social media sites we post to (or any social media at all).

The OTW News by Email service is free and available in multiple languages. There is further information at the link, but please also review the following:

    Not all OTW News gets translated, and even when posts are translated, they may not be available in every language. If you want to receive a copy of all news posts each month, please choose English in addition to your preferred language(s).

    Including English, there are 16 languages currently available and it is possible more will be added in the future. We will announce this in the OTW Newsletter should this happen.

    There are three types of delivery options. By default everyone will be signed up for emergency messages (although you can uncheck that option before subscribing).

    On average, English language OTW News posts go out 3 times each week. If you would prefer fewer emails in your inbox, choose the Digest option which will email you once at the end of each month with blurbs and links to all that month’s posts.

    If you are subscribed to Individual News Posts, you should receive posts for each language you chose within a few hours of the post going public. Timing for each language post may vary depending on the order in which they were posted.

Should you have problems with the subscription process, please check the following:

    After you chose your subscription options and clicked on subscribe, did you receive an email to verify your address? (Note: you will be redirected to a webpage once you subscribe, but the button there will not confirm your subscription.) To start getting messages you must click on the link in the email sent to you.

    Did you receive a confirmation email after you verified your address? If not you may want to try subscribing again.

    If it’s been several hours since a post went out and, despite being subscribed to Individual News Posts you have not received a copy, check your spam folder. Or, if you use Gmail, your Social folder. Make sure to mark our emails as Not Spam.

    Have you been receiving messages in your Inbox but now they’re ending up in spam? Be sure to open an email regularly, even if you don’t read it. Many email services respond to your behavior and will assume a sender is spamming you if you receive emails from a certain address often but never open them.

If you have made the above checks and are still having an issue, you can contact the Communications Committee for help in troubleshooting your news delivery.

If you like the OTW News by Email service, please let other fans know it’s an option for them to keep up with OTW activities and topics!

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    Subscribing for notifications through email

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