Celebrating the OTW’s 16th Anniversary

The Organization for Transformative Works turns 16 today! We are very happy to be able to celebrate another year with you all.

The OTW was born to serve fans and protect fan history and culture in all its forms; it’s our mission in troubling times. Since its foundation, OTW has helped rescue hundreds of fanworks from at-risk archives and platforms, old and new, making them accessible to millions of users; it has advocated for fans in an ever-changing legal environment; it has preserved fan culture through a wiki that you can contribute to; it has published 39 issues of an international, peer-reviewed fan-studies journal; and of course, it provides access to over 11 million fanworks.

But we want to hear from you! In order to better understand how to reach fans where they are, we’d like to find out what online spaces you are using to interact and exchange news. So, we’ve prepared a survey!

The survey asks between 16 to 35 ticky box and multiple choice questions (depending on what answers are given) and does not ask for any identifying information. All users will be anonymous. We ask that only those 18 or over take the survey.


In honor of our anniversary, the survey will be open for 16 days (closing on September 21 at 23:59 UTC). We will be sharing the results of the survey in a public report in October.

We’re asking for your help – not only in taking the survey, but in helping us to spread the news that it is available! Please share the link to this post and use the #OTW16thSurvey tag in your fandom spaces!

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    I really like the works here, and they all make me feel great

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