August 2023 Newsletter, Volume 181


Elections completed its work in August with the 2023 election successfully closed. Congratulations to our new Board members! They wrapped up with a statistics report on voting activity.

Board is excited to see the election conclude, and delighted to welcome its new members! The current directors are preparing to dive right into training them to take up their new roles.


Accessibility, Design & Technology has been focused on coding and testing bug fixes, infrastructure updates, and site improvements. They’ve had five deploys in August, ranging from single-issue updates to entire grab bags of fixes. The change log for all deploys between April and June was also posted. As always, they have been working with Support and the Policy & Abuse team on tickets requiring database insights.

Policy & Abuse received 1674 tickets and Support had a heavy ticket month in July, with 2362 tickets, mainly a lot of troubleshooting after the DDoS attacks and Cloudflare implementation. Please have patience with our volunteers as they work on digging out from under this influx!

Open Doors announced the import to AO3 of Snow Lands (a fanfiction and fan comic archive for The Lion King). They also posted about archivists now having the ability to automatically add a found work to the archive’s collection, following recent changes to the collection invitation process. Creators will be notified when this happens, and can withdraw their works from a collection at any time.

Tag Wrangling welcomed a new class of wranglers. This is an exciting time, as they are ramping up in preparation for testing new procedures for wrangling tags not associated with any fandoms. In July, more than 460,000 tags across over 59,000 fandoms were wrangled!

Systems has continued to monitor Cloudflare’s performance and make adjustments as necessary. The protection side of things is mostly tuned in at this point – we haven’t needed to touch it at all! They’re working with AD&T and Support to improve on some lingering errors from the switch over. Systems is continuing to look at getting the Archive upgraded to Debian Bookworm, and have received 2 new virtualization servers which they are in the process of getting up and running.


Webs has been keeping things updated and working on getting delivery of emails from several of our sites to work properly again after the DDoS protections threw them out of whack for a while.

Legal responded to user queries and worked to oppose U.S. legislative proposals that would be bad for fans. Otherwise, Legal’s August was full but largely internal, and included working with law enforcement concerning last month’s DDoS attack and ransom.

Communications welcomed its new site moderators Meilinda Lopez at Facebook and Abby at Instagram! If you use these platforms we encourage you to follow our accounts there.

Fanlore‘s themed month for July, Fandom in Color, was a big success! They’re now in the midst of planning Stub September which will have a dinosaur theme this year! You can get more details about the challenge on their Twitter or Tumblr accounts.

Development & Membership – 今年OTW参加了在北京举办的GA05同人展!在展会上,我们带来了宣传材料与主题贴纸,并与大家分享了OTW志愿工作的体验。参展的大家非常热情地参与了推文活动,把喜欢的同人文写在便利贴上,贴满了整个推文箱。此外,我们使用了OTW捐款赠礼中的AO3标签主题扑克牌,和参展的大家玩了抽梗挑战的活动,静待大家用自己抽到的梗创作的同人作品(记得在微博上圈我们哦)!

On August 12 and 13, OTW participated in the GoldenAge Fan Convention in Beijing! Flyers and OTW-themed stickers were available at our con table, and OTW volunteers shared their experiences. Fans wrote down their favorite fics on sticky notes that were prepared by the volunteers, and the sticky notes we collected covered the entire rec board! Additionally, the OTW card deck (one of our thank-you gifts) was used for a prompt-creating challenge.

The OTW also appeared at several other conventions in August: Guangzhou’s ComicCup Convention, and LeakyCon and Fan Expo, both in Chicago.


Volunteers & Recruiting worked with a few committees to close out previously held recruitment drives and induct their new volunteers. From 24 July to 24 August, Volunteers & Recruiting received 244 new requests, and completed 214, leaving them with 86 open requests (including induction and removal tasks listed below).

As of 24 August 2023, the OTW has 960 volunteers. \o/ Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Alma J., Alora, Aprilcake, Astraea, Beforeastorm, boop, c0ldspark, Ciara, Crafty, Daelyn, Doves, Gab, Gheyn, Haritika, heartbreakordeath, Indes, ise, Jamie B, Ju5t, JR, lasttai, leftsidedown, Lilith, Lisette, Lulu M, magma, Meg N., Miraii, Monnie, Morrow, Overlookedfile, President Hades, qkind, Rhonda H., Robyn Rose, sarajaksa, Tacky Tramp, Tammy, TashaK, and Yvelyn and 1 other Tag Wrangler
New Translation Volunteers: Laure (Volunteer Manager), Jaewon Choi, Vien, Alaia, Tatiana Cunha, Teodora M, Laura Sinele, Shubhi Tandon, MissLiterature, Belfrownys, and 8 other Translators
New TWC Volunteers: Tanya D. Zuk and 1 other Assistant Editor
New Volunteers & Recruiting Volunteers: Allison Petrosino, Jessica Myers, Rachel B and 3 other Volunteers

Departing Directors: Alex Tischer (Director and Secretary), Antonius Melisse, and Natalia Gruber (both Directors)
Departing AO3 Documentation Volunteers: 1 Editor
Departing Elections Volunteers: lee e (Public Relations Specialist)
Departing Fanlore Volunteers: Callmesalticidae (Policy & Admin), 1 Graphic Designer, and 3 Social Media & Outreach Volunteers
Departing Finance Volunteers: 1 Financial Analyst
Departing Strategic Planning Volunteers: 1 Volunteer
Departing Support Volunteers: 1 Volunteer
Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Evan, Laila, RowanFae, Saturnina, Teg, and 23 other Tag Wranglers
Departing Translation Volunteers: NataliaKamaeva and 2 other Translators

For more information about the purview of our committees, please access the committee listing on our website.

The Organization for Transformative Works is the non-profit parent organization of multiple projects including Archive of Our Own, Fanlore, Open Doors, Transformative Works and Cultures, and OTW Legal Advocacy. We are a fan run, entirely donor-supported organization staffed by volunteers. Find out more about us on our website.


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