Strategic planning update #3

Hello from the Strategic Planning workgroup! Things are proceeding apace for us, albeit slightly more slowly than we expected. We have an internal schedule that has us delivering the final strategic plan report document to the org as a whole in December 2012. We anticipate that this schedule may change, since as a group (and as an organization), we’re obviously having to create, adopt, and adapt processes as we go.

Currently we’re prioritizing doing tasks well — and with as little undue pressure on staff and volunteers as possible — over doing them quickly. If our timeline for delivery changes, we will provide updates.

Things done this month

That said…

1) We have received responses from the Tag Wrangling chairs and we have (with their input) finalized our survey for the Tag Wrangling team. We spent quite a bit of time discussing issues of confidentiality, what promising anonymity means to the people who we want to fill out our surveys, and how to maximize the honesty of responses and overall utility of the survey.

2) While we had originally considered using the OTW Community Survey workgroup’s SurveyMonkey account, the Board recently approved the expense to get Strategic Planning a separate account so as not to compromise the data confidentiality for either workgroup. Both the Survey Workgroup and the Strategic Planning group will have ongoing work through the rest of this year. Our own survey account will allow us to restrict access to the Strategic Planning group alone.

3) We have created brainstorming documents for each committee and workgroup within the OTW. While working with the Tag Wrangling team (and while we start synthesizing their answers from our interviews and surveys), we are also reviewing documentation for other teams and working on putting together interview and survey questions for them. Some of the types of answers we are looking for have to do with each team’s goals, what’s working for them and what’s not, and the relationships between individual teams and the rest of the organization. We have designed our questions to be as open-ended as possible in order to encourage a wide range of answers. Though compilation of this free-form data will add to the analysis time, we hope it will help us determine larger patterns both within individual teams and also collectively throughout the OTW.

Next Steps

Right now, the plan is to wait for our surveys of the Tag Wrangling team to be finished before we start implementing the surveys for any other team — we are sure the meta-feedback we get from the Tag Wranglers about our methods will be very helpful in moving forward with the other teams.

The Strategic Planning workgroup welcomes feedback and questions. We are particularly looking to get in touch with former volunteers who’d like to talk to us about their OTW experiences. The best way to get in touch with us is via the Communications form.


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