Yuletide is Coming!

The Yuletide Archive for 2003-2008 will be moving to the AO3 early very very late 😛 in 2010 by early 2012, dammit! *kof* in May 2014! (Yes, really.)

Edited 28, April, 2014: The section below discussing comment imports has a new addition.

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Background explanation

Yuletide is a popular annual gift exchange, and importing the Yuletide Archive to the Archive Of Our Own has been planned for a number of years. While the challenge has been operating on the AO3 since 2009, it’s not until now that we’ve been able to actually move the original archive.

What will happen?

In early May, our senior coders will import the Yuletide Archive, in a similar way that the Smallville Slash Archive and 852 Prospect archives were imported. All works will be imported, and anyone accessing the original work on yuletidetreasure.org will be redirected to the work on the AO3.

Will tags, comments and gift notifications be imported?
The original Yuletide archive only includes ratings and fandom names; Yuletide fandoms will be automatically converted to AO3 Canonical tags upon import. You will be able to change fandom tags and add other tags to your work once you have claimed it.

Edited to say: After some investigation it looks like we might be able to import comments as well. These comments would be imported as backdated comments on the imported work, and will be signed but not linked to an AO3 account. If a commenter would like their comment removed after the import, please contact Open Doors with a link to the work, the content of the comment, and a brief explanation. Please note that if a comment is deleted, we will provide the creator with a copy of the comment for their reference.

We will NOT be able to add backdated comments to works after the import in May. For creators that have already uploaded a copy of their work to the AO3, we recommend including a link to the preferred copy in the work Notes to redirect viewers; when our merge tool is complete, it can be used to combine the hit counts, comments, etc. of two works, while keeping a single body. For creators who would still like to delete the imported duplicate, we can provide a reference copy of the Yuletide comments page for their work, though these may not be manually uploaded to the AO3.

Manually copying and pasting comments onto an imported work will not be allowed. However, we will be able to import comments onto a pre-existing work on AO3 if you can contact Open Doors BEFORE the import with the following information:

Work Title:
YuletideTreasure.org URL:

If you used the Import from URL tool to add your Yuletide works to the AO3, you can skip this step. (If you can’t remember, check the Yuletide URL here: http://archiveofourown.org/redirect. If the page redirects to your work on AO3, you’re all set.

Works will contain a message “for Name”. Once you’ve claimed your work, you’ll be able to assign it to the recipient, if they have an AO3 account. (Note that their Yuletide name and their AO3 name might be different; we advise against assigning it unless you’re sure of their AO3 account name.)

How will I be notified about my work being imported?
If the email address you used on yuletidetreasure.org still works, you should receive an email from the Archive inviting you to claim your works. 😀

If you’ve lost access to the email address you used on yuletidetreasure.org, use this contact form to let us know and after the import happens, we can resend the claim email. If you’ve posted the stories elsewhere, or have an easy way to verify that they’re yours, that’s great; if not, we will work with the Yuletide Mods to confirm your claims.)

How will I claim my works?

The email will include a link to the claim page, where you can add your work to your AO3 account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be able to create one at that time. Once you’ve claimed your work, you’ll be able to edit the work and add additional AO3 tags.

I’ve already added my work to the AO3!
Excellent! Please add it to the appropriate Yuletide Collection. If you’ve used the AO3’s Import tool to import your work from the Yuletide website, it will not be imported again. However, if you uploaded it manually, a duplicate will be produced. Once the import is completed, please let Open Doors know the URL of the work you would like the Yuletide link to redirect to and the URL of the duplicate we should delete.

I don’t want my work on the AO3!
After you receive the claim email, you can choose to delete or orphan your work.

The Yuletide Archive mods would much prefer you “orphan” your stories (i.e., remove all identifying information) rather than delete them. Orphaning of your works on the AO3 does not mean they expect you to orphan them everywhere, however. You are of course, as always, welcome to post your Yuletide stories anywhere else you want to, with whatever attribution you prefer.

Deletion of your work from the Yuletide Collection will leave you ineligible for participation in future years. If you have any questions about future eligibility, please direct them to the Yuletide mods at yuletideadmin [at] gmail.com

I have other questions!

If you have further questions, visit the Open Doors FAQ page, contact the Open Doors committee, or leave a comment on this post and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

We’re also planning to hold two public chats on Campfire (the online chat platform the OTW uses): April 26, 4pm UTC, and May 4, 1am UTC (click the links to see when the chats are held in your timezone). We’ll provide a link to the OTW’s public discussion chatroom in a reminder post on or before the dates of the chats.

Anyone who has questions about the process is welcome to join the Open Doors team at those chats, and we’ll do our best to answer you.

We’re delighted to finally welcome Yuletide entirely to the Archive of Our Own!

– The Open Doors team

Are you a Yuletide participant or otherwise enjoy the challenge? Share your memories on Fanlore and keep its story going for future generations—contributions are welcome from all fans! (New to wiki editing? No worries, just visit this page.)

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  1. tryfanstone commented:

    I’m extrapolating a little here, but is this the right situation?

    Stories will be imported from the old archive, but not comments: as stories are imported to AO3, they will be added to the Yuletide Collection for the year in which they were written.

    URL links for the old archive will be automatically redirected to the new archive.

    (Auxiliary question: do people who want to retain their comments need to copy/download now, if access after the import will only be a redirect to AO3?)

    Eligibility for Yuletide in future years is allowed only if a participant’s older stories are in the correct Yuletide Collection on AO3 – this includes orphaned and anon account stories – on the basis that gift stories are a gift and should remain accessible to the recipient. I think that’s right?

    So. What about stories which are on the old archive, if the author is more than happy with the story remaining online and accessible to the recipient, but does not want the story posted to AO3? Given the redirect, does this mean the story is now inaccessible, or will their be an option to access the story (and comments) on the old website? And if this is the case and the recipient can access their gift on the old yuletide site (I’m not raising the issue of the story being openly posted elsewhere), does that invalidate the conditions of eligibility listed above, that in order for a writer to be eligible imported older stories must be in the correct Yuletide Collection on AO3?

    Thank you for your consideration!

    • Jenn Calaelen commented:

      Yes, download comments to keep them from the old archive.

      Yes, stories being in the AO3 collections determine eligibility, regardless of whether they are orphaned etc.

      As I understand it, nothing on the old archive will be accessible after the import.

    • Michelle commented:

      Hi tryfanstone,

      As Jenn notes, nothing on the old archive will be accessible after the import because all story links on YuletideTreasure.org will redirect to works on the AO3. If you don’t want the Yuletide story associated with your current account on AO3, you can either orphan the work as soon as it imports or (if you would still like the ability to edit it, receive comments, etc) you can create a new AO3 account and add the work to that account. (If you would like an AO3 invite, just let us know using our contact form: http://opendoors.transformativeworks.org/contact/open%20doors)

      I hope this helped with your question–please me know if I can clarify anything!

      Open Doors

      • tryfanstone commented:

        Michelle, thank you for your clarification, I’ll discuss the situation with the writer concerned.

  2. Waywren Truesong commented:

    …and import my Yuletide stories with the importer now and add ’em to the collections as appropriate, then let y’all know about the url?

    • Alison Watson commented:

      Hi Waywren Truesong!

      You are able to use the manual importer, unfortunately there is currently a bug with the manual importer and the gift feature – it will read the gift text in your original work and automatically assign it to the person who has that AO3 username (even if they’re not who your work was intended for), and you won’t be able to change it at the current time. If you’re not sure that they are the right person, we recommend waiting for the automated import.

      Alison Watson
      Open Doors

  3. gl commented:

    A few points of confusion. First you suggest adding old Yuletide stories which have already been posted to AO3 to the relevant Yuletide subcollection. I’m only seeing subcollections dating back to Yuletide 2009. All of my stories are previous to that, which is why I’ve never added them to the Yuletide subcollections on AO3. Which subcollection should I be adding them to? I’m not seeing a general Yuletide collection either.

    I’m also confused regarding what point we’re supposed to tell you about duplicate urls; do we have to wait until the entire collection has been imported or can we just tell you now which urls are the ones we want to keep and which stories on the old archive they correspond to?

    • Jenn Calaelen commented:

      The collections should be there now. Sorry for them not being ready in advance.

    • Alison Watson commented:

      Hi gl,
      The easiest way for us to delete & redirect everything properly is for you to send us a list of the URLs once the import is complete:
      * Yuletide link to work
      * ao3 link to work that you want to keep
      * ao3 link to work you want deleted

      I hope that answers your question!

      Alison Watson
      Open Doors

  4. faithgirl commented:

    i’m not clear – are comments just being thrown under the bus? i can understand that attribution/consent for import of comments could be complicated (especially as there will be many more of them than there is of fic), but given what i understand as the purpose open doors – archiving and preservation of fan culture – i’m really uncomfortable with the idea of them just being gone, rather than being preserved even if not publicly accessible, as though comments didn’t have value as part of fan culture.

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Your message and the others below regarding comments on the Yuletide archive are being discussed by Open Doors and the Yuletide moderators. You should be getting a reply in the next day or two, but I just wanted to let you and others know that it’s in process.

      • John C. Bunnell commented:

        I appreciate the heads-up — and the fact that those involved are exercising thoughtfulness in considering the issues raised.

    • Michelle commented:

      Hi faithgirl,

      Thank you for commenting about this, and we agree that comments have value as part of fan culture; it was only due to technical limitations that we didn’t originally plan for comment importing. After additional investigation, we believe we can import the original comments as anonymous comments on the imported work.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

      Open Doors

  5. Boosette commented:

    Is it against AO3 terms of service to manually Re-enter comments from the old site, or to append them in some way to the end of the story (extra chapter, imbedded screencap images, etc)?

    The value of allowed I’m using is “not forbidden by the language of the TOS”, rather than frowned upon under present fannish mores.

    • Michelle commented:

      Hi Boosette,

      Thank you for commenting! I just wanted to let you know that we are still discussing this matter, but will update this post when we’ve reached a conclusion. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, here or through our contact form: http://opendoors.transformativeworks.org/contact/open%20doors

      Open Doors

      • bethbethbeth commented:

        I look forward to the update on manual transfer of comments, because in the latest LJ yuletide community post, manual transfer seems to have been characterized as “not allowed” and “against the rules” despite no firm decision having been reached (as you’ve noted) – and despite the fact that there’s nothing in the TOS that would seem to forbid transferring comments as long as proper attribution was given (something we’re *not* going to get, of course, with the automatic comment transfer)

        • Claudia Rebaza commented:

          Aside from the update above, Open Doors is in chat now for any questions about comments or other matters related to the import!

  6. Serenade commented:

    I’d just like to add my support for importing the comments to AO3. One of the joys of Yuletide is getting to share your love of a small fandom with other fans, and the comments are a big part of making that fandom feel like a community. Even now, whenever I read a story on the Yuletide Archive, I make sure to check out the comments.

    I’m not sure if there are technical issues, but maybe the comments could be imported as endnotes, or as an extra chapter? I believe they are valuable part of fandom history.

    • Michelle commented:

      Hi Serenade,

      We didn’t originally plan for importing comments due to technical limitations (we certainly find them valuable as well!), but we believe we’ve found a way to add them as anonymous comments when the works are imported. Thank you for commenting, and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

      Open Doors

  7. John C. Bunnell commented:

    In line with some of the questions above: I know enough about Web design to see why it may be technically impractical (or impossible) to import comments to AO3 along with the stories in the old archive, at least in any sort of systematic or automated fashion.

    But coming from a family of historians, I am alarmed by the indications in the initial discussions over on LiveJournal that the old archive may simply be deleted wholesale — stories and comments alike — once the import is complete. From the perspective of a historical archivist, this would be akin to finding an enormous cache of Shakespeare material and then deliberately failing to transcribe half of it (or worse, burning the half of the cache that isn’t manuscripts of plays).

    Please tell us that once the import is complete, the full contents of the old archive will be preserved in some form — stories and comments alike — so that they will at least be accessible for historical and academic purposes in the years and decades to come.

    And please also consider the question about individual transcription above. In the case of any other sort of document or letter, and in the world of physical letters and papers, there’d be no question that transcribing marginalia to accompany a transcription of a given work would be historically permissible — indeed, as in the above Shakespeare hypothetical, a historian who didn’t transcribe the full record would be severely chided.

  8. Greer Watson commented:

    My reaction is the same as that of John C. Bunnell. In fact, before I even worked my way down this page to read people’s reactions to your announcement, I dashed off to the Yuletide site and started saving all the pages with comments for stories in my main fandoms so that I’d have them available for future Fanlore articles. From the perspective of a scholar and archivist, I do hope you work out a way to preserve *all* the comments. I can’t save every brand from the burning!