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  1. Maham adnan commented:

    Thank you for the kind information.

  2. ak commented:

    Y’all do so many amazing things, but this would mean a lot more if you didn’t continue to be a happy and welcoming platform for literal child porn and rape porn. A simple autocorrect of a tag like “non con” to “rape” would do wonders; “non con” is a trendy, porn way to say rape. It’s rape. That’s what it is. This website can be incredible, but it’s such a huge host for so much damaging content. I wish you guys would acknowledge and fix that, instead of continually defending it.

    • Jeff commented:

      I understand where you’re coming from, but AO3 doesn’t have a “Non-Con” tag. The most often used tag is “Rape/Non-Con” and other tags dealing with this subject matter are similarly stylized. Authors who use it and write it are perfectly aware what they’re doing and they never excuse it, never endorse it, never pretend it’s not upsetting or damaging. Their readers, in turn, are also mature, adjusted individuals. Their responsibility is to correctly tag their stuff, not be a baby-sitter.

      AO3 was purposefully created as a safe space and a welcoming platform for content makers who want to deal with any kind of issue, dark content included. If you do not wish to view rape or violence, I would suggest excluding and blacklisting the tags or authors.

      • Jilrene commented:

        Thank you for replying to that comment. You said everything I was thinking much better than I could have.

      • Sarah commented:

        I agree with AK’s main point, although I don’t believe the issues stems from the tags. As you stated, Jeff, the main tag used in the warnings IS “Rape/Non-Con”. However, after stumbling across a violent, vulgar child rape pornography piece disguised as “fanfiction”, I do hope that AO3 would be willing to regulate their fan works better. Your argument of “don’t like, don’t read” is difficult for me to accept because there are many, many pieces of works like these that are meant to titillate individuals who may actually be suffering from a pedophilic disorder. (And to clarify, I’m talking about the purely pornographic stories whose sole purpose is sexualization of minors–some extremely underage–and not the stories that handful the subject matter in a respectful way for plot purposes. It’s actually crazy how extreme and violent these stories are, though I won’t call out any specific ones.)

        I want to be able to donate and support a site that encourages creativity for individuals and can be a safe place for many; with that being said, I also can’t justify doing so when they romanticize such illegal topics and try normalizing it by saying “it’s not real life, it’s a fantasy”. Pedophilia is defined as “a sexual perversion in which children are preferred as sexual partner” and it is a DSM-5 categorized mental disorder. Who knows if people who are on this site are actual “mature, adjusted individuals”? We don’t know who is behind the computer screen and who we influence with our content. I hope you understand where I’m coming from and why I feel the need to speak out about this.

        • Luna commented:

          And what if it does indeed titillate anyone with a pedophilic disorder? What is the concrete harm in that situation? I would much rather someone manage their issues by reading about fictional characters than by watching actual child pornography; no fictional characters are being harmed by being put in sexual situations, while actual child pornography harms actual children. I know which situation I’d prefer..

          And if you’re not into that kind of content – I know I’m not either – then it’s easy to avoid by filtering out the warning tags “Rape/non-con” and “Underage”. If they’re not properly tagged with the required warning, you can file a complaint through an Abuse report by using the link in the footer of the AO3 website.

          “I also can’t justify doing so when they romanticize such illegal topics and try normalizing it by saying “it’s not real life, it’s a fantasy”.”
          So should we ban Game of Thrones/ASOIAF for romanticizing and normalizing incest, and boycott HBO for putting it on the air? Should Hannibal not be allowed to exist because it romanticizes and normalizes cannibalism? Should Dexter not be allowed to exist because it romanticizes and normalizes murder?

          People watch Hannibal and understand eating human flesh isn’t okay. People watch Dexter and understand murdering people isn’t okay. Why can’t we accept that people can read (fan)fiction in which underage characters have sex, or are raped, and know that this isn’t okay in real life?

          • Elly Sketchit commented:

            Gonna donate! Hooray.

            Exactly. Also, the human psyche is ordered in such a way that often, the most disturbing content to someone that they would never do in real life turns them on. It’s the way we’re built. It’s why rape/noncon fics are popular, for instance.

            People who are going to do bad things do them, period. Not because of fanfics/media. That’s like the fallacy that gaming makes people violent. Before that, people blamed rock ‘n roll, and before that other things.

            By the way, some of us writers use fics to work through events that happened to us. It’s a type of therapy, and not all of us had happy, fluffy, cared for like princes or princesses childhoods.

          • Sarah commented:

            You know, I had a really long response that I typed out and was gonna post but I really thought about what you said. And bottom line is, you do have a point. Unfortunately, some people do get off on such things and maybe they have to resort to text fiction to not commit crimes in real life.

            But, does that mean I believe allowing such things on AO3 is overall a positive? No. Honestly, some of these fics are horrific (and yes, some people write to deal with things that have happened to them in real life or simply write about it because it’s integral for their story’s plot, but you can really tell when an author just wants to write a child rape fantasy). That is where I personally draw the line. Something about exploiting such young children, even in fantasy, is just repulsive to me. But, my “line” isn’t the same as others. Maybe other people have a really averse reaction to the things you gave as examples (incest, cannibalism, etc.) but such things still exist. And for some reason, they don’t evoke as much of a negative gut reaction from me (this may be due to what you said–romanticizing in everyday media. They hardly ever do that for underage rape in mainstream media. Imagine if you shared an interest in child porn to people irl, for instance, and their reactions).

            So I get your point. And at the end of the day, those writers and readers of such material have to deal with their sexual interests for themselves on their own terms. I really do love this site and I’m glad people are donating (people below are acting like that’s a slight against me?). I liked what Lippy brought up below though, about RP underage stuff. I wonder if you all would say that’s okay?

            Thoughts are great. Thanks for the discussion.

    • Lippy commented:

      If you don’t want to read fic with rape or underage characters in sexual situations, filter those tags and read the summaries. The non-con/rape warning tag clearly states it’s ‘rape’, it’s there in the name. On sites like, rape and underage fic is still rampant despite being against rules, but hidden from the search, meaning it cannot be filtered.

      Rape fantasies are incredibly common. People have been exploring these scary, wrong and horrible things in fiction since the dawn of time, and they do it for a multitude of reasons. (catharsis, processing actual traumatic experiences, kink/fetish etc.) Exploring these themes with fictional characters in fictional stories does not mean you want it to happen to anyone irl.

      Concerning underage porn fiction, while I don’t want it in my searches (hence why i use the filters) I fail to see how it damages anyone or anything.”Think of the children!” is the argument, but the people who want to ban or think ‘sexual amoral’ fiction is damaging actual people, are the same to me as the soccer moms rallying about adult comic books, slasher movies and arcade games decades ago, calling them perverse and claiming they were sexually twisting children, with no basis in reality. You don’t start suddenly thinking rape or sex with children is right because you read or write fiction about it.

      On a final note, I think realperson underage stories like stuff with kid youtubers (if it exists) should be against some sort of rule. common decency I guess. Sorry for the essay.

    • Cami-Leon commented:

      I hope you realize that the reason why so many websites that once allowed porn and non con and such kinda depended on the users that liked this kind of stuff. Take tumblr for example, it had a huge loss because of this. Let’s just remind each other that this IS fiction, maybe it’s someone’s kink. Sure it’s wrong but this is fantasy! No one is going to go through with it, it’s as simple as if you had a kink about maybe cheating on your spouse but in your fantasy everything is okay and you just fuck everyone. It’s not gonna happen in real life so we turn to a world where it can happen. This one. No need to do all of this shit.

    • Gast123 commented:

      I will spend, it dont matter if Sock rapes Jim Kirk in Pon Far, dont like dont read.

  3. Dee commented:

    I fully support the ban of any sort of pornographic content involving children. However non con works involving adults should be properly tagged and read as what they are meant to be: pornography.

    A good portion of this site is essnetially erotic works, pretty much a literary version of pornhub. Don’t think there is anything wrong with sexual fantasies, as long as they are explicitly displayed as fantasies and not healthy relationships.

    • ashley commented:

      lol second this!! lets draw a firm line. also smh these days i tell my friends i write stories on AO3 and they all automatically think “she writes porn” LOL what this website has become hahaha (jk i love it tho)

    • Olivia Williams commented:

      Thank you for being a safe space to write and read any and all content people want to produce. Following Tumblr’s ban, I appreciate having at least one website I can rely on not to start censoring or deleting content.

  4. Caterfree10 commented:

    Yeah so for every asshole bitching abt noncon/underage works, I’m donating $10 more dollars to OTW just to spite them on top of my usual $10/month recurring donation. Fiction doesn’t hurt anyone bc you can literally close the window and walk away.

    • Sarah commented:

      Lol the unnecessary aggression. Yikes. See my response comment above. I’m glad you donated though! 🙂

      • Caterfree10 commented:

        This same shit has occurred on every damn AO3 donation drive post for AT LEAST a year now, I think I’m entitled to be pissy about it continuing to be a thing.

        • Sarah commented:

          Well.. this is my first time commenting on a donation drive post. I never really read discussions on past drives so I didn’t know this was a “thing”.

          I’m sorry if my concerns regarding some of AO3’s content somehow offended you, but no need to be so hostile by calling people who don’t share your views all “assholes who bitch”.

          • Caterfree10 commented:

            Sorry not sorry I want anti culture to piss off; been anti censorship ever since discovering Banned Books Week. AO3 already does more than any library or bookstore with their warning system allowing authors to tag their works with common triggers so people can avoid the content they don’t want to see. So yeah, I’m going to be pissy that people want to censor content on a website that literally came to being bc people were being censored off LJ.

  5. Nessie ❤️ commented:

    Spot the pedos above lmao

    • Casey commented:

      LMAO but actually though

  6. someone with actual braincells commented:

    i really can’t believe some people on here are defending fictional child pornography. Like first of all, what harm does it bring to you if ao3 were to remove those, huh? I assume most of you here are pedophiles who would read that shit. But then I go through some of your comments and I wonder.

    Just because it is fictional doesn’t mean it can’t bring harm to actual children. Instead of preaching about creative freedom you should maybe think of kids and their health and how harmful it is for them to see people write porn with character’s their age. I am absolutely disgusted with some of you. Also what kind of argument is “I would rather have pedophiles read child porn than go after real kids” like what guarantee do you have they won’T do that?? You really think those sickos are satisfied with just reading that shit? Shame on you all.



    • Jeff commented:

      Authors will lose stories they worked hard on, readers will lose the content they are interesting for whatever reason. Do you have any prove that the underage porn on this site are read by pedophiles?

      Let’s say AO3 removes them. Why not censor something else too? All porn? Violence? Any mention of blood? These are all sensitive subjects which could be harmful. Who decides what topics are “desirable”?

      Neither mods nor the authors are baby-sitters, they do not say that AO3 is made for children, it’s the opposite, in fact. It’s not their responsibility, it’s the parents’. Why should children find this content in the first place?

      Again, do you have prove that anyone read some fanfics and went to do actual crimes? Can you guarantee that pedophiles with no access to underage porn stories will do no harm to actual children?

      You seem to be convinced that the content people read somehow forces them to act it out in real life. That’s quite an accusation. You are not the only person here with their morals intact.

    • Hell commented:

      What harm does it bring? Because as soon as we censor one thing, it leads to another. We have underage porn censored now because it’s illegal. Well, murder is illegal, so are most forms of violence. Can’t have gay relationships in fics, think of the children! It’s a snowball. One thing gets censored, it gives anyone who wants to censor anything a platform to try and do so. It’s not that anyone thinks underage shit isn’t bad, it’s that it’ll lead to so many issues that we’ve already seen happen before on past sites.

    • Thea commented:

      This is a controversial topic, but as someone who has a rape fetish and has had it since the age of 12 (when I didn’t even know what it really was) I can empathize with many of the writers and readers of morally questionable fiction on here. To me, there is a huge difference between an adult who thinks a fictional underage character is sexually attractive, and someone who considers actual real children to be sex objects. A bunch of this content is created by young writers exploring older characters they like by aging them down or pairing them up with characters close to their own age. Take controversial ships like Tony Stark/Peter Parker, a load of these stories are clearly written and enjoyed by teenagers or people close to the age of Peter with a fetish for older men/suggardaddies.

      It would be naive to say there aren’t actual pedophiles who read or create some of these stories, but I have yet to see any proof of porn fanfiction being used to prey on children, so I fail to see how banning them helps to protect anyone irl. Where should Ao3 draw the line? Is a story written by a 17 year old, about a 17 year old character participating in sex “pedophile fic?” What would be considered pedophilic content in one country, might not be in another. Would it be ok to write fic where underage sex happens, if it’s treated as a bad thing? What if the story is about an underage character who is being sexually abused, but learns to ask for help and spends the majority of the fic recovering from said abuse. What about stories that empathize with and encourage victims of child abuse to speak out about their experiences and seek help for themselves? I see plenty of scenarios where stories with the underage tag can have a positive message and comes from a place of empathy. Yes, I know, there are also fics on here that are nothing but underage fetish porn, which I’m getting to now.

      R rated gore movies and rape role-play porn isn’t made for children and shouldn’t be treated as such, neither should explicit fanfiction. It’s unfortunate that some kids or young teens stumble upon underage porn fic and get a shock, but should we ban all porn then? It isn’t good or healthy for kids to watch or be exposed to any sort of graphic pornography. What about stories that fetishize or heavily feature murder and torture?

      The thing it comes down to is, you’re disgusted by it, you think it’s nasty and perverse, and that’s why you don’t want it to exist. Not because a generation of children are being twisted into thinking sex between adults and kids is right by fictional amateur porn.

  7. sun commented:

    I’m actually curious; what would you (our wannabe censors) want to remove? Under the age consent per law of the reader’s country/state? (Extra: what if they travel?) Under the age consent per law of the country the fictional characters reside in? (Extra: what if the setting is fictional?) What do you personally consider underage? Is it under the age consent, or under the age of legal majority?

    Would you find it acceptable for a person in a country where the age of consent in 13 to be reading about a legal minor between 13-legal majority having sex? Would you find it acceptable for someone where the age of legal majority is above 18 to be reading about a legal minor between (but above age of consent) 18-the age of legal majority having sex?

    These are the exact same legal situations in terms of the character(s) being underage.

    What most posters advocating to have “underage” content removed actually want is censorship of whatever it is their morals (eyeroll) reject.

    I heavily disagree with removing underage content, whatever that would be in the interpretation of the would-be-censors. For one, I agree with several above comments that fiction does not harm the characters involved. In this case, it is also your damn choice to read it.

    • Sarah commented:

      Okay like, I really didn’t want to have to link to any specific stories but I’ll just share one I found that’s at least written by an anon:

      There’s your example. I hardly skimmed that and I feel like throwing up. Like, please, tell me who that benefits? What kind of person would be okay with that morally? Like honestly??

      • Jeff commented:

        Why did you search for it? Why do you purposefully seek content which upsets you? Ignore it, blacklist the tags.

        Fiction doesn’t have to benefit or teach. Some literature is made for teaching, some is not. There are many reasons why anyone would be interested in this kind of fiction. For example, this is a type of horror, is it not? Someone wants to rewind by watching zombies, someone finds this kind of stories cathartic. Why do you keep putting morality in the equation? What art someones enjoys does not indicate their moral values. How they treat other people does. That fic is not real, there’s no need to demonize the readers as there is no prove they would ever hurt anybody.

        • Sarah commented:

          For everyone please: WARNING for story I linked above is graphic rape of an infant.

          Hi Jeff, I searched for it because I wanted to answer Sun’s question in order to show that these stories exist. I normally filter out those tags. This whole thing just started because I stumbled across one of these types of stories when I was searching for new fic to read because AO3 doesn’t default have a general filter in place and I was shocked.

          Anyway, I do agree with you. I posted a longer reply to Sun earlier, but it wasn’t really my intention to spark such a heated debate with some people about this. I kind of just felt morally obligated (disclaimer, my opinion) to at least say something about a topic I feel is wrong on a website I love to browse on. And I did realize after first response my first post got that people have to deal with these issues themselves and there are different lines drawn. This will probably be my last post lol it’s getting so drawn out cuz I feel the need to respond to everything but I’ll refrain. Thanks for your calm response.

      • Thea commented:

        No one would happen upon that fic without actively dismissing huge glaring warning tags clearly stating its contents. No one would click on that fic unless they wanted to read that sort of content. No child or unsuspecting teenager would stumble upon this.

        Morale? Why should the author be concerned with morale, in what is clearly a horror rape fetish story, rightfully plastered with warnings?

  8. sun commented:

    A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent.[1] One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man.”

    The typical straw man argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent’s proposition through the covert replacement of it with a different proposition (i.e., “stand up a straw man”) and the subsequent refutation of that false argument (“knock down a straw man”) instead of the opponent’s proposition.[2][3] Straw man arguments have been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly regarding highly charged emotional subjects.

    • sun commented:

      Right, that was meant to reply to Sarah. But, whatever.

      • Sarah commented:

        Wait, what lol? You asked me what type of content I’d want to remove. I gave you an actual link to what I’d want to remove and your reply was a Googled definition of a logical fallacy (even though I answered your question).. In return, you didn’t answer MY questions lol (albeit yes, you could’ve taken them rhetorically I suppose).

      • Sarah commented:

        (Also, I wrote a lot more above in response to other people’s comments. So you can read my previous posts if you want a better sense of where I’m coming from.)

  9. sun commented:

    I did read your previous replies. And no, you did not answer my questions. I asked a broad question of logistics and you gave me one sample that you consider morally reprehensible.

    I’m not going to read it, or even follow the link, because, for fucks’ sake, we’re talking about potentially triggering material. Which you did not bother to tag with any content warning (based on the previous conversation, it’s probably underage and non-consensual), bee tee dubs, and, on this site, reading the tags can be just as bad. You also mentioned the story is horrible, so, all in all, you are acting pretty fucking irresponsible with that.

    Saying “This one thing I want removed” is not the enforcable unless we ask every single reader what they think should not be on the site. There is absolutely no consensus or what is moral, or even what is underage, which all of my questions pertained to.

    Wanting to remove “*thing* I do not approve of” is the definition of censorship.

    Here’s a quote from your post: “There’s your example. I hardly skimmed that and I feel like throwing up. Like, please, tell me who that benefits? What kind of person would be okay with that morally? Like honestly??”

    Please notice that I did not mention anyone benefitting from anything, nor did I think that any person should be okay with anything morally.

    So, you did not reply to any of my questions and gave one example meant to prove a completely different point than any of the ones that I actually raised. I think that’s a definition of a staw man’s argument, but feel free to disagree.

    • Sarah commented:

      First off, I’m sorry for not tagging my link. You’re right in that it might be potentially triggering to someone, but please the attitude isn’t really necessary. I’ll comment above to put general warnings.

      Now, in your first post you asked “I’m actually curious; what would you (our wannabe censors) want to remove?” I felt like my first reply directly answered that. What I linked is the type of material I would want to remove. Concerning your more broad logistical questions about age (you asked many variations, I’m assuming this boils down to: what age do we drawn the limit?), the fic I linked to is about the plotless, graphic rape of an infant, and I believe that is the line that shouldn’t be crossed.

      Furthermore, if you really did read my previous responses you would’ve known that I acknowledged that people have different moral lines drawn. And that I actually agreed with that. I just posted the fic because you asked what we want removed and I thought a direct link evidence would be the most clear way of conveying myself.

      I brought up the morality question because you originally said “what most posters advocating to have “underage” content removed actually want is censorship of whatever it is their morals (eyeroll) reject.” So I gather that for you, because you don’t want censorship of such material, means that you’re okay with it morally. Hence my (admittedly unclear) questions. “There is absolutely no consensus or what is moral, or even what is underage, which all of my questions pertained to.” I understand people have different views, but that’s why I specifically linked to a fic about extremely underage child porn to see if people would really not reach a consensus that that is wrong. Like, I get to each their own, but saying there is absolutely no consensus on what is wrong is a pretty narrow statement.

      Bottom line I realized the main crux is that I feel like some things cross the line and should be censored and you believe in no censorship at all so in that, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

      • sun commented:

        Here’s the personal attack: thanks for telling me what the fic was about. I was not curious. I did not want to know, because I find that extremely morally reprehensible and while not personally triggery, it’s something I abhor and would never read. Thanks for making assumptions about my morals and preferences and I swallowed the expletives. Okay, I got that out of my system.

        Yes, I asked all those questions as to where you’d draw the line, and you still haven’t actually give me an answer. You showed that one topic you want to remove – I guess I’ll assume it’s the only one for the rest of the post.

        Where is the line you’ll draw? Is it the lack of plot? Is it the graphical description? Is it the age? Where does the content that you would allow start? Would you allow that example of yours if someone was writing out an actual experience they had – whether it is theirs or someone else (e.g. someone they know, an act they witnessed, etc)? Do you think it would be fair to ask an author if they are writing about personal experience? Would you allow someone to write that out as a fantasy they had for a split second and then felt horribly guilty about but it stuck in their head and just want it out heads so that they can get on with their life? Do you think it’d be fair to ask them if this is the case?

        If you wouldn’t allow for either, is that not actively harmful? Or should these things only be confined to a person’s therapy sessions or journals?

        I’m actually a huge advocate of censorhip, believe it or not, but in a different context – public speaking/non-fiction. I’d censor the hell out of hate-speech (and nearly completely just hatespeech). In my country, it is actually a crime to use certain symbols – like Nazi ones – and it’s a crime to talk about how upstanding citizen Hitler was and how great an idea genocide is. I think the unlimited free speech in the US is bullshit and should be done away with, but that is a completely different argument to be had, and probably on a different forum.

        But we’re talking about fiction. No, I do not believe fiction should be censored. I’m actually a huge proponent of each to their own (YKINMKBYKIOK) and the option to choose whether you want to engage with the content or not and the responsibility of parents to curate their children’s online experience.

  10. Savanna commented:

    I don’t know how to reply to these,but, here I go.

    I totally agree it should be up to the readers to moderate themselves. I myself read some underage and non-con stories even though I was molested as a child. It is fantasy. These stories actually help me work through some of my issues. And I feel that author should not be vilified for what they write. Sure some pedophiles and rapists will read these stories that is just a fact of life. I truly think that these stories will help them get out some of some of their aggression without actually acting upon it. And in the end I think it’s up to the people to read it or not, this site is actually very good with filtering tags, it is up to you to turn those filters on.

    Since I know that this will come up eventually: stories about child-abuse I abused as a child my mother was a horrible person. When I finally moved in with my fiance I weighed 80 pounds at 18 years old, well below the normal or even healthy weight that I should have been. And abuse is not just physical can also be mental and emotional. Some of these stories of really help me work through my issues. And I just think, and this is my own personal opinion, that we should all just get along here.

    Also an example of another problematic issue. Knife and blood play in sexual situations. When I was in Middle School I wrote a story involving knife and blood play. It was for the Death Note fandom and involved the character Beyond birthday in my own original character. It was a very graphic story. Even though I wrote it I would never act upon that in real life. Some fetishes will never be acted upon. I have a friend using the tentacle rape, she would never do it in real life (not that tentacle monsters even exist) but it is just a fantasy.

    I think having fantasies is an important part of life. It presents an escape from reality, just like FanFictions and even actual fiction books. I don’t believe that reading underage non-con fanfiction will cause you to actually go out and rape a child just like watching True Crime TV shows will not cause you to go out and commit a murder. I am an avid viewer of Criminal Minds that does not mean I will go on a rampage or commit murder like they do on the show. It is all just fiction and I think that’s why a lot of people have to realize.

    When it comes to this type of thing I believe that people should just hold their tongue and not read what they disagree with. In a way it’s just like filtering out pairings that you do not like or characters that you do not like. I personally filter out a lot of religious stories being agnostic and all and not appreciating religion being shoved down my throat. the end it’s all just content and fantasy. So people should just get off their high horse and quit with the whole moral argument. Because in the end I reiterate it is all just fiction.

    TLDR these stories are not harming you so if you do not like it then don’t read it. The filters are there for a reason. It is not the OTW responsibility to babysit you. Only you have that responsibility. The OTW is is meant to preserve all fan works. Again if you do not like it do not read it.