You don’t have to go home, but you…well, actually, you CAN stay here!

This party had it all: a glittery cake to fuel our server anthropomorfic challenge, a scavenger hunt, reccing and self-reccing fests, teamwork to help each other upload back catalogs, and a special tag just for party fic. Here’s to another year of cheering each other on as we read, create, and transform.

Midnight to midnight is a long time to party but our wonderful guests have kept the energy high! Here are some details on our marvelous accomplishments:

We also compared time zones! And there were a LOT of them. During the last hour alone, the partygoers hailed from:

New Zealand — New York City, New York, USA — Buenos Aires, Argentina — Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA — Indiana, USA — Finland — Romania — Turkey — Quebec City, Quebec, Canada — Maryland, USA — Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA — Los Angeles, California, USA — New Hampshire, USA — upstate New York, USA — North Carolina, USA — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA — Niedersachsen, Germany — Dublin, Ireland — Seattle, Washington, USA — Missouri, USA — Ontario, Canada — England, United Kingdom

We even had a fandom roll call in our final hour! Check it out:

Classical music RPF — Can I call “crack” as a fandom? — Community — Disney RPF — Miami Vice — House — Doctor Who, ElfQuest, Anita Blake — Tokio Hotel — Sophie’s World — Highlander, Doctor Who, British Actor RPF — SGA — Beatles RPF — Fandom: YES. — baum’s oz books! — Sherlock (BBC), The Dresden Files (books), Doctor Who (2005), Temeraire, Hut 33, Traveler, Supernatural, Merlin (BBC), White Collar, Chuck — this one’s easy, I’m actually the ONLY ficcer in one of my fandoms! — David Eddings — Black Rock Shooter! — Power Rangers! — (monkees is the only fandom of mine where i have written poetry) — Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, DCU, Slings & Arrows, Promethean Age (oh GOD) — robotech is the only fandom that i’ve painted in! — Lord of the Rings — Vorkosigan — Man from UNCLE — \o/ Vorkosigan! — Star Trek, X-Files, Hilda Tablet and Others, McCarthyism RPF — Covert Affairs — elisabeth, tanz der vampire, mozart! — Jane Austen, Firefly, 28 Days Later, Once and Again, Breakfast Club, Naruto, Hikaru no Go, X-Files, Harry Potter — claymore, black rock shooter, pretty cure, akira (manga), belgariad/malloreon, elenium/tamuli, eureka seven, kino’s journey, gundam wing, aaaand dc comics — Hellboy II — oh also JAMES BOND — Sherlock Holmes. Book-verse. — Iron Man — Akira — Harry Potter, Star Trek, X-Men and X-Men: Evolution — Battlestar Galactica! — ooh, robin of sherwood was my very first fic-reading fandom — highlander films, historical fiction, stephen king’s rose red, raymond e. feist’s riftwar saga (and everything else in those universes he wrote, jesus christ mr feist), spooks, spice world.

Gentle reminder: the OTW and AO3 are run through fan energy, commitment, and donations — and eventually we’ll need more servers to slash with the existing servers. Please consider becoming an OTW member and donating to the cause!

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