You Did It! Thank You!

You did it! Not only did you donate enough for us to receive the original matching grant, but you raised enough to ensure the matching grant in Sandy Herrold’s name will be met in full — and beyond! We’re truly touched at the number of donations that came in in the name of other fans. The “in honor of” section on our donation form has never before seen this much use.

In the time since the original matching grant was announced our community has donated US$6748, which when matched will mean $11,748 for furthering all the OTW’s projects. We cannot thank you enough!

We also can’t begin to say how much it means to the OTW that our wonderful community has come together to honor one its members. The money raised will help support projects such as Open Doors, preserving fanworks for the future. So why not check out a collection or two?

  1. Kate (katekat) commented:

    Hi there,

    I’m not sure where the best place to ask this question is, so I’ll ask it here and hopefully someone can direct me where I should go if you don’t have the answer? I would very much like to contribute to OTW’s current drive, but unfortunately don’t have the funds. I do, however, make graphics that friends and strangers have liked, and in the past (for other fund drives in other places) have offered my graphics as ‘thank you’ gifts to people who have made donations. Can I do that on a small scale in my own journal for OTW or is it in violation of fundraising policies? I don’t want to mess up anything in the fundraising process, but thought I would ask because it is one of the ways I can contribute.


    • julia_beck commented:

      Hey Kate, I’m an OTW staffer but not a member of the DevMem committee, but I found fundraising info page useful (in short: very welcome & a-ok as long as you don’t claim it’s officially endorsed by the OTW). There have been vid auctions and similar to benefit the OTW in the past, so — happy graphics-making! 😀

      • Kate (katekat) commented:

        Thanks Julia!!

    • allison morris commented:

      hi kate! i *am* a member of devmem, and what julia said is absolutely correct (and she pointed you at the correct information, because she’s awesome like that) – as an organization we can’t do it, but we love to see individuals encourage donations in any way they see fit. 🙂 i’ve done it myself (and i’ve seen many others do so as well) when money is tight and i want to support the drive! thank you so much for thinking of us.

      • Kate (katekat) commented:

        Thanks Allison!