Current ToS, with highlighted potential changes that would add some flexibility:


Maintainer Consent

The OTW will only preserve collections with the full consent of the maintainer of the collection. The current maintainer of the project must agree to the Open Doors ToS, agree to any other conditions of the import, and and agree to grant us access to a copy of the current contents of the collection. The maintainer must also transfer ownership of the domain name (if any) or follow Open Doors’ instructions if they want URL redirects, and if such redirects are possible. (Domain name transfer is not necessary if the maintainer is merely backing up an Archive within the Archive of Our Own.)


Transfer of Project

When the board of the OTWOpen Doors Committee and the current owner of the collection have decided to bring onimport an archive or a special collection under the Open Doors project, the current owner will provide a copy of the current contents (either manually or by giving Systems access to the existing site) and transfer ownership of the existing domain name to the OTW (if they want redirects; again, domain name transfer is not necessary if the maintainer is merely backing up the archive within the Archive of Our Own)and take any other steps necessary to carry out the transfer.


Typically, fanfiction fanwork archives will be transferred imported into the Archive of Our Own under a collection named after the original archive., and individual stories fanworks will be tagged with the name of the archive from which they came to preserve the archive's history as a collection. In the case of projects that are structurally difficult to integrate, we may either preserve whatever software is currently being used to maintain the project, or choose different software in consultation with the original maintainer. Systems will not be required to install any software on the OTW servers which they are not prepared to maintain, and the software and content must pass a security review before they are added.


URLs for Open Doors Project

For collections not hosted on the Archive itself, the special collection or project may be available under one or more URLs like the followingsubdirectories or subdomains of an OTW site.



A subdomain of


A subdirectory of


We may also preserve the original project's domain name, if any:


In addition, the collection will be linked from the Open Doors gallery:


Archives that have been integrated into the Archive of Our Own will also be listed in the Open Doors gallery.


Role of Original Maintainer

The original maintainer of the archive special collection will be invited to continue working on the collection for as long as they wish, so long as they are willing to abide by the agreement with Open Doors and OTW's general policies for its volunteers (including but not limited to the conflict of interest policy and administrative access policies). The OTW will try to find volunteers to provide maintainers with what assistance they need for as long as they work with us.


The original maintainer of an archive that has been imported to In the case of an archive that has been preserved within the Archive of Our Own, the maintainer will be invited to moderate their archive's collection within the Archive of Our Own with all the powers that a collection moderator owner in the Archive usually has; so, for instance, to decide whether a new story fulfills their her collection's rules, or should be removed from the collection.


If the collection's maintainer no longer wants to work on the collection, the OTW will may find someone else in the organization to keep the collection up and running, and potentially growing into the futurethey can designate a new maintainer for the collection, or close the collection to new submissions. Should a volunteer request to maintain a closed collection, Open Doors will attempt to contact the original maintainer shouldto find out if they beare interested in transferring the collection. If the original maintainer does not respond with approval, ownership of the collection will not be transferred.


Collection Policy

Where possible, the existing policies of the collection will be preserved, even if they differ from the policies of the Archive of Our Own. Specifically, collections (whether integrated into the Archive of Our Own or preserved as special collections) can have limits on fandom, subject matter, sexual content, etc. that do not apply to Archive content generally. Open Doors collections may be mixed fan and non-fanworks; when we accept a mixed collection, the entire collection will can be added to the Archive, and the standard prohibition on non-fanworks will not apply to the collection. However, the OTW retains the right to remove content from its servers if the Board deems removal necessary for specific legal reasons, or if the content violates the Content Policy (other than the prohibition on non-fanwork content).


Control over individual fanworks contained within a collection rests with their creators. If the verified creator of any individual fanwork contained within a collection requests its removal or alteration, the OTW will always comply with such a request, in a reasonable period of time. We will also provide mechanisms allowing creators to claim their fanworks from such a collection and if desired to attach them to a new or existing Archive of Our Own account, edit them, orphan them, or delete them.


Parting from the OTW

As noted in section 5e., control over individual fanworks contained within a collection always rests with their creators. This section applies to collections as a whole. If the collection's original maintainer decides that they no longer want to be affiliated with the OTW, or the OTW board decides they no longer wish to work with the original maintainer, the following procedures for dissolution will apply:


Open Doors will delete the imported archive’s collection on AO3. Any works imported to the AO3 already claimed, orphaned, or anonymized by AO3 users will remain in the Archive under control of the creators' accounts, or the orphan account. Open Doors will work with the original maintainer to delete any unclaimed works.

OTW will keep the content currently on the OTW server(s), whether in the Archive of Our Own or in a special collection.


OTW will keep the subdomain (e.g., and subdirectory (e.g, URLs of special projects, pointing to the content currently on the OTW servers.


OTW will give the original maintainer back the original domain name, if any (e.g., orthe OTW maintains a registration for it the archive or special project, as well as a copy of the archive backup given to the Open Doors Committee, if availablecurrent contents of the project (or all stories under the archive tag in the Archive of Our Own).


OTW will not be responsible for helping the maintainer set up elsewhere, only for giving them the content and transferring back domain ownership.


OTW will place a prominent an announcement on the Open Doors page indicating that the original maintainer has moved to a new location, with a link to the new location if provided by the maintainer.


OTW may choose to continue work on the collection on the OTW servers.


These ToS are written assuming a single maintainer. If there are multiple active maintainers of a collection, they must all agree before the OTW will bring the collection into Open Doors. If some but not all of the maintainers later wish to part from the OTW, those who wish to do so can continue to work with the collection on the OTW servers, while the OTW will follow provisions bd. and ec. for any maintainers who wish to move the collection elsewhere. However, the OTW will retransfer any domain names only to maintainers who were formerly registered owners of the domain names at issue. For active collections, maintainers can use whatever dispute resolution procedure they work out between themselves, provided that they otherwise comply with OTW policies.


The goal of these rules is to be clear about how special collections and other extant fannish projects might come under the OTW umbrella while still preserving the autonomy both of the original maintainer and of the OTW. We want to provide a permanent home to projects, and preserve the results of our efforts, without the original maintainer feeling like they are giving up all control.