What We’re Doing for #IFD2024

This February 15th will mark the 10th annual International Fanworks Day! In honour of IFD, the OTW will be hosting several events. Which ones will you take part in?

1. 10 Things About Fandom A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a call for essay contributions telling us about ten things that mean the most to you about fandom, or a highlight about the past ten years you’ve spent in fandom, or about ten funny, exciting or noteworthy moments that happened in your fandoms. If you haven’t written a post yet you can still share your experiences on social media with the tag #IFD2024!

2. 10th Annual Survey: As part of celebrating International Fanworks Day for the 10th year, we are curious to know how many of you are out there looking for fanworks and creating fanworks of various kinds. We got a great response to the survey we ran for the OTW’s 16th Anniversary last September and are hoping many of you will want to participate in this new survey, which launches February 9th.

3. IFDrabble: This is a fanworks fest that invites you to create short fanworks, whether drabbles, drawbles, vidlets or other fanworks fitting an annual theme. This year that is 10! So somehow incorporate the number 10 into your work and either use the AO3 tag “International Fanworks Day 2024” when posting your works, or on social media you can use #IFDrabble for a chance for us to signal boost your work.

4. Fanlore Challenge: Fanlore is participating in IFD, too! Every day from February 12-18, Fanlore will post different challenges on their Tumblr, their Twitter, and on Fanlore for all editors to participate in. How well do you know your fandom? It’s time to show off your knowledge and contribute to Fanlore!

5. Feedback Fest: Feedback Fest is a chance to show your favourite fanworks some love, and to get some great recommendations from others! Look for our Feedback Fest post on February 13th, then leave a comment with 10 fanwork recommendations! On social media, use the tag #FeedbackFest when posting.

6. Games and Fan Chat: On February 15th, we’ll be hosting a chat in the OTW’s Discord. Join us between 21:00 UTC February 14th (What time is that where I live?) and 03:00 UTC February 16th (What time is that where I live?) to play trivia games and chat with other fans! The chat room will be moderated in English, and we’ll post a detailed schedule on the 15th.

In addition to what we’re doing, here are some other fan-led activities:

AO3 Black Market’s Fanworks Week Event

(in English)

The event will run from now to February 15th. Participants are encouraged to create SFW fics or art fitting the theme of that day. There will also be events for each theme of each day.

Some of these include:

  • Tuesday (February 13th) – Video Games
  • Wednesday (February 14th) – Anime/Manga
  • Thursday (February 15) – All Fandoms

You can learn more on their Discord server.

Choices Fandom Appreciation Celebrates: International Fanworks Day

(in English)

This event will run from February 15 to February 18, and you can submit entries in any language.

Here’s some ways you can participate in this event:

  • Write fics
  • Draw art
  • Create videos
  • Write meta

You can learn more on their event information page.

Ecclesiastical Latin – An OFMD Non-English Fanworks Fest

(in any language but English)

This event will run from February 7 to February 14, and you can submit entries in any language but English.

Here’s some ways you can participate in this event:

  • Write fic in a non-English language OR translate a fic into a non-English language
  • Make fanart or a fan comic in a non-English language
  • Make an OFMD fanvid to a non-English language
  • Write meta on the translation choices made when it comes to dubbing and subbing to a non-English language you speak

You can learn more on their event information page.

Lov bobříků s Fanpolis

(in Czech)

This event will run from February 12 to February 18, and you can submit entries in Czech.

Here’s some ways you can participate in this event:

  • Edit Fanpolis’s fandom encyclopedia

You can learn more on their event information page.

Silmarillion Writers’ Guild

(Any language)

The event will run from February 18th-19th. The SWG will be hosting an instadrabbling session for IFD on their Discord server as part of their February Meet & Greet challenge.

  • Fans can create flash fanworks together based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s world.

You can learn more on their website.

WIP International Fanworks Day Mini Bang

(in English)

This event will run from now to February 22nd, and you can submit entries in any language.

Here’s some ways you can participate in this event:

  • Finish stories between 500 and 7,499 words

You can learn more on their event information page.

阴阳怪气 | Yīn Yáng Guài Qì (Video Blogging RPF)

(in Chinese)

This event starts now, and you can submit entries in Chinese.

Here’s some ways you can participate in this event:

  • Create works for the 阴阳怪气 | Yīn Yáng Guài Qì (Video Blogging RPF) fandom

You can learn more on their Lofter tag.

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    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Hello Triggered Ukrainian

      As translator availability changes throughout the year, it’s not unusual for the list of translated versions of each post to change. We have more news posts and graphics for International Fanworks Day in 2024 than previous years due to the 10th anniversary celebration. Sadly that also meant more work for our volunteer translation teams. As different language teams have varying available volunteers for translating news posts, not all teams were able to prepare translations for this event.

      If you speak another language and are interested in helping sharing the information in your language, please keep an eye on our recruitment announcements!

      We hope to have more News Posts available in Ukrainian in the future.

      Claudia Rebaza
      OTW Communications

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    Started a short M*A*S*H fic today in which Father Mulcahy tries to explain Valentine’s Day to B.J.’s adopted son and the camp pooch.
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