What We’re Doing for #IFD2022

It’s only a week until the eighth International Fanworks Day and we at the Organization for Transformative Works have a whole lot in store for you all! Please take a look at the events below and join in the fun.

1. Fanworks Challenge

Our theme for this year’s IFD is ‘fandom classics’ and in a post made last month, we invited you to participate by creating fanworks which riff on, remix, or otherwise pay tribute to works that you consider classics of your favorite fandom. You could even write meta about your favourite pieces! We invite you to share your creations using the hashtag #IFD2022 or #IFDChallenge2022 on social media, or ‘International Fanworks Day 2022’ if you’re posting to the Archive of Our Own. There’s still plenty of time to participate and we’d love to see what you create!

2. Feedback Fest

On February 13 we’ll be making a post that invites you to share recommendations for the classic fanworks that you love the most. Get thinking now and come armed with recs that you can share with your fellow fans!

3. Fanlore Challenge

Get yourself over to Fanlore, the OTW’s wiki full of fan history and culture, to participate in their IFD celebrations! The Fanlore challenge runs for a week and includes different editing challenges to complete each day. What better way to honor your love of fanworks than sharing your knowledge with your fellow fans?

4. Games and fan chat

From 21.00 UTC on February 14 to 03.00 UTC on February 16 we will be hosting a chat games session in the OTW’s dedicated Discord server. English-speaking OTW volunteers will moderate a series of games including fandom trivia quizzes, 20 Questions, list-making challenges and a whole lot more. It’s a great opportunity to get together with fellow fans and share your enthusiasm for the fandoms you love. We will post the link and the full timetable on the day itself so put the date in your diary, come back and check it out!


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