What We’re Doing for #IFD2021

The seventh annual International Fanworks Day is coming up this month on 15 February 2021, and we have tons of things for you all to take part in to celebrate!

Check out the list below for the things we’re doing to mark the occasion.

1. Hidden Gems Works Celebration: Last month we made a post encouraging people to create fanworks for lesser-known fandoms, tropes, ships, and more to celebrate all things ‘lesser-known’ for this year’s IFD!

There’s still plenty of time to submit works using the ‘International Fanworks Day 2021’ tag, and the criteria for what is lesser-known is very loose so if you think it might count it probably does!

2. Rec Fest: Also in January we asked you to recommend your favourite ‘lesser-known’ fics, fandoms, tropes, ships, and so on via social media using the #IFDChallenge2021 tag! Our social media mods will be sharing some of these over the next week. In the coming days we will also be making a Rec Fest post specifically for anyone who wants to share their recommendations with us, so look out for that!

3. Fanlore Challenge: The fun continues after the 15th with the Fanlore challenge, running from February 15th to February 21st with a different editing challenge to complete each day!

4. Games and Fan Chat: Between 21:00 UTC on the 14th (What time is that for me?) and 03:00 on the 16th (What time is that for me?) we will be hosting a chat and plenty of games for you all to participate in over on Discord — a link to which will go out on the day! Demand is high and places are limited, so if you don’t get in right away please try again later! The chat room will be moderated by English speaking OTW volunteers, and we will post a detailed games and activities schedule on the day itself.


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