What if there were a way to preserve and document fan activities for future generations?

“Here they are, best I could pull them out: every last memory I have of Potterwatch.”

“That’s brilliant, thanks,” Ron said, taking the vial from Lee and putting it into his Extended bag.

“What else do you have in there?”

“Quibblers from Luna, photos from Creevey, and letters from — well, everybody I could find.”

Lee watched Ron add notes to his parchment, the words an illegible scrawl from Lee’s vantage point. “You never said what all this is for.”

“Hermione started it. Posterity and whatnot.”

“Oh, well, if it’ll preserve the whatnots. Practically extinct, those whatnots,” Lee deadpanned.

Ron put away his quill, not meeting Lee’s eyes. “It’s important.”

“Will the Muggles really even be interested in this stuff? They’re not wizards, it’s not their history.”

“Yes, it is,” Ron shot back. “It’s all of our history. We’re hiding now but we won’t be soon; Hermione thinks we won’t be able to. And when Muggles figure out that wizards aren’t random, barmy weirdos, that they’re living with us, that they’ve always lived with us, they’ll want to know what it was like. And who we were, when it wasn’t so easy…” Ron trailed off, his ears red. “Well, Hermione can explain it better.”

Lee shook his head. “I think you explained it just fine.” He gave a cough to loosen his throat. “So. The States. What else does this uni have, besides artifacts of the wizarding world?”

Ron shrugged. “I dunno. Corn?”


Open Doors is dedicated to preserving fanworks for the future by saving at-risk fannish archives and collecting fannish memorabilia in partnership with the University of Iowa.

Fanlore is a wiki where fans can document their understandings of and experiences in fandom, creating an encyclopedia of fannish history for the benefit of fans and people new to fandom.