What if all fanworks were under the control of people like Dolores Umbridge?

I must not steal stories

“Good afternoon, class. It has come to my attention that some among you have been taking other people’s ideas and writing about them as if they were your own. A nasty, odious habit that I’m sure all good wizards will realize amounts to nothing more than plagiarism!

“After all, who are you to take someone else’s story and pass it off as your own? They did all the hard work, and who are you? Just a fan? Nonsense! Fans should stay silent and appreciate what they’ve been given!

“What’s that? You in the back of the room, Miss Yang, what’s that? What?! You mean to say that you actually write such ridiculous, truculent stories? Mr Peville-Blythe, you consider yourself a ‘Brony?’ Miss Brown and Mr Asavi, you say you watch horrible, infringing fanvids?

“My stars, I had no idea my classroom was full of such thieving children. Hogwarts has certainly gone downhill — I knew this would be the result of creating a Cultural Studies curriculum, but did anyone listen to me?

“Well, well.

“We all know what happens to thieves, don’t we?”


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