Welcome to the new OTW website!

The Webmasters are pleased to announce the launch of the new website and blog.


In addition to a facelift, the website now has several spiffy new features that increase the ease-of-use of the site. The most important of these is the blog, which will be taking over from otw_news as our primary information service. It will also allow all comments to be centralized in one (non-LiveJournal) location hosted by OTW itself.


We’ve been working hard to introduce a number of new features for site visitors, including multilingual options (take a look at the language switcher on the left), a new site-based OTW news blog (you’re reading it), and the ability to comment on this blog, with or without creating a site account (or you can use an OpenID).


There are several ways to track updates to the site and blog:

  • An RSS feed for all blog posts is available.
  • The on-site Tracker is a way to find updates while using the website.
  • Finally, there is the Yahoo!Pipe feed, which combines both blog posts and all updates to the website.

How the blog works

The blog will post all the things you’ve seen in the past on otw_news, such as newsletters, calls for volunteers, spotlights on OTW committees, and updates on our projects. This information will be re-posted on our other news services:

You can leave comments on the blog much as you would on the journaling services, by creating your own account or using OpenID, or simply by providing a name and an email address. The blog operates under the Website Terms of Service, which includes this comment policy:

We may maintain one or more blogs on the site that accept comments. We strive for transparency and will generally post comments we receive, including critical comments. However, by submitting a blog comment, you agree that it is our decision whether or not to post it. If we decide, in our sole discretion, that a blog comment is spam or advertising; reveals the personal information of another person; or contains illegal content or hate speech, we may not post that comment, or we may remove it at any time.

What about otw_news?

Not a lot will change. The big difference is that otw_news will become a feed service for the blog – all the same content will be mirrored there, but commenting won’t be turned on. All comments will be centralized on the blog, which will allow fans from different communities who use different blogging or social networking services to engage on equal footing.

Basically, if you’re subscribed to the feed on LiveJournal or a clone, sorry, we don’t monitor any comments there! Come on over to the blog to reach us – the link to our comment page is given below.

Feedback on the new website

We are very excited to finally be sharing all these new features with you, and we hope you enjoy the added functionality the website and blog offer. We know everything may not be perfect yet – so take a look around and tell us what you think! We’d really love to know if you have ideas for improvements or can point out things that work differently than you expected.

The Webmasters.

If you have questions or feedback for the Webmasters, contact us at OTW Webmasters.

  1. Kass commented:

    Yay, new website! Yay, RSS feed! \o/!

  2. Hot Tramp commented:

    I can’t wait for the archive to hit open beta. *bounces*

  3. Laura Shapiro commented:

    Wow! Look at all the ass you guys are kicking!


  4. naominovik commented:


  5. lian commented:

    aw man, Webmasters. You did it. *hands out heart-shaped cookies*

  6. elizabethyalkut commented:

    This is so exciting I do not have words. *runs around in circles*

  7. logovo commented:

    Webmasters, thank you :D

  8. bethbethbeth commented:

    Yay, you guys!

  9. loriel_eris commented:

    Guys, you all rock, so very much.

  10. khellekson commented:

    It looks FABULOUS, and I love that everything is moving over to this new centralized space, which will put users of all those zillions of other tools (LJ, etc.) on the same footing.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  11. Yonmei_ commented:

    It will also allow all comments to be centralized in one (non-LiveJournal) location hosted by OTW itself.

    Wow. *Only* 16 months after Strikethrough 2006, OTW *finally* manages to set up its own blog…

    *attempts to post*
    *finds I’m logged out*
    *attempts to login*
    *gets error message*

    ….oh well.

    • zvi commented:

      Can you let us know the error message you got when you attempted to login? Also, what page were you on when you went to the login page? Were you on this page when you realized you were logged out? Also, have you verified your e-mail address?

      If you don’t want to leave a message publicly, please use the Webmasters Contact Form.

      Thank you for helping us track down a bug.