Confidentiality Policy: Translation Committee

Last Updated: August 2020


In addition to the confidentiality of internal personnel information, as covered under the Code of Conduct, all members of the Translation committee, including chairs, volunteer managers, translators and inter-committee liaisons, are expected to agree and adhere to the below confidentiality policy.

This policy applies during an individual’s service as a member of Translation and will continue to bind that individual after their service with Translation has ended.


Translation members may, in the course of their regular duties or through specifically volunteering for special tasks, be contacted by other committees in the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), with requests to translate content published on or by OTW projects such as AO3 and Fanlore, including emails, comments, messages or other content posted by users, members and other interested parties. They may also be asked to translate tags, provide summaries or analysis of fanwork content or provide translation in connection with Support tickets or Policy & Abuse cases. They may be asked to translate information in connection with Development & Membership communications with organization members, donors, or potential donors. Additionally, committee members may encounter personal information of other members in day to day conversation, or of potential new members in the course of recruitment and selection processes.

Confidential data

Members of the Translation committee are expected to uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. Under no circumstances may a Translation member disclose to anyone outside the requesting committee or Translation:

  1. the names, emails, contact information, nationality, message data, donation amounts and methods, fannish identity, information from which a fan’s legal identity could be tied to their fannish identity, or information from which a fan’s identity could be directly identified or identified through combination with other available information (collectively, “Personal Data“) involved in any Policy & Abuse case, Support ticket, Development & Membership message or other confidential content translated at the request of any committee.
  2. the specific content of Support tickets or the details of any Policy & Abuse case they may encounter (“Specific Support and Policy & Abuse Data“) other than in general terms.

Translation members may only disclose Personal Data in aggregate and non-identifiable form (for example, statistics regarding how many inquiries were received about the same topic).

Volunteer communication and privacy

Members of the Translation committee may learn personal information about fellow OTW volunteers in the course of their work together, or in social spaces such as Slack. This may include, for example, information about their location, family, health issues, and other private topics. All Translation members must respect other volunteers’ privacy and refrain from sharing or discussing private information obtained in the OTW with others.

Although occasionally it may be necessary to save or share screenshots or transcripts of OTW Slack chats for purposes of documenting harassment or other troublesome behavior for purposes of Constructive Corrective Action Procedure or other internal OTW investigation, sharing screenshots or transcripts of OTW Slack chats with anyone outside the chat for any other purpose, including posting them on social media or in OTW social spaces, is strongly discouraged. Even if the chat excerpt doesn’t contain particularly revealing information and/or volunteers’ names are redacted, members should take into consideration how restricted the original intended audience for that conversation was. Sharing a private conversation without the consent of its participants is a violation of their privacy.

Recruitment data

Translation volunteer managers may not discuss confidential translator-recruitment-related Personal Data with translators or in translator-accessible spaces, save for anonymised assessment of translation samples for applicant selection. All records of discussions regarding volunteer manager recruitment must be removed or rendered inaccessible to new volunteer managers before they join.

Translators who collaborate with recruitment sample assessment must only discuss details of this process, including sample content and final evaluations, with the teammates directly involved in that process and Translation volunteer managers. All discussions should be held privately, avoiding team channels and other public Slack spaces, team-wide emails and mailing lists.

Discussion of confidential data

Members of Translation must avoid discussing Personal Data or Specific Support and Policy & Abuse Data in any OTW space that can be accessed by anyone not directly involved in the matter under discussion, including Slack rooms (unless private), mailing lists, the internal wiki, Basecamp and other OTW communication tools.

Translation committee members may not discuss Personal Data or Specific Support and Policy & Abuse Data in their own public or private spaces or elsewhere outside the OTW. This includes communication with friends outside the OTW, in protected spaces outside the OTW and in anonymous spaces.

Direct contact

Members of the Translation committee are not permitted to engage directly with fans on behalf of, or as representatives of, the OTW with regards to their enquiry or complaint—be it on official sites or on other platforms—without explicit instruction from Translation chairs, even if the fan in question has released the contents of their exchange(s) publicly.

Breach of policy

Failing to uphold these terms while serving in the OTW will be addressed under the Constructive Corrective Action Procedure, and may result in warning, suspension or direct termination, depending on the severity of the misconduct, to be decided by Translation chair(s) (in consultation with other affected committee chair(s), if applicable) and Volunteers & Recruiting.

If a Translation member receives a request for information which would breach this policy, they should refer that request on to Translation volunteer managers and chair(s).

Agreement records

Agreement to this policy will be registered with Volunteers & Recruiting and in Translation personnel records. All Translation members must agree to this policy within a month of joining the committee, or before accepting any tasks which might be covered under this policy, whichever is sooner.



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