Confidentiality Policy: Tag Wrangling Supervisor

Last Updated: May 2021


In addition to the confidentiality of internal personnel information, as covered under the Code of Conduct & Wrangler Agreement & Wrangling Communication Policy, all Tag Wrangling Supervisors, including the Tag Wrangling Chair(s) and inter-committee liaisons, are expected to agree and adhere to the below confidentiality policy. This document does not apply to general Tag Wrangling Volunteers.

This policy applies during an individual’s service as a Tag Wrangling Supervisor and will continue to bind that individual after their service as a Tag Wrangling Supervisor has ended.

Please note that, to perform their roles, liaisons to and from the Support Committee and Policy & Abuse Committee operate under those committees’ respective confidentiality policies (Support Confidentiality Policy, Policy & Abuse Team confidentiality policy). As such, they operate under those policies’ restrictions regarding ticket and user data. They are still subject to this policy in regards to the sections of this document which do not refer to Policy & Abuse or Support data. In the event of any other conflict between this policy and the policy of another committee to which a Tag Wrangling Supervisor is bound, the more restrictive policy shall be binding.


In the course of their duties and via requests from other committees, Tag Wrangling Supervisors may be exposed to confidential information which should not be distributed amongst regular Tag Wrangling Volunteers or outside the organisation.

Confidential data

Some examples of confidential data:

1. The names, emails, contact information, nationality, fannish identity, information from which a fan’s legal identity could be tied to their fannish identity, or information from which a fan’s identity could be directly identified or identified through combination with other available information (collectively, “Personal Data”). This information may be made available to the Supervisor through:

  • Tag Wrangler supervisor, volunteer, or recruitment databases;
  • any Policy & Abuse case, Support ticket, Archive-restricted, unrevealed, or administratively hidden works; or
  • other confidential content forwarded from other committees.

2. The specific content of Support tickets or the details of any Policy & Abuse case.

3. Information about other committees’ projects.

4. Recruitment Data and Wrangling Personnel information, for example wranglers who are interested in becoming a Tag Wrangling Supervisor, or prospective wranglers who are interested in joining the wrangling team or individual wranglers activity levels.

Discussion of confidential data

Tag Wrangling Supervisors are expected to uphold the highest standards of confidentiality.

Tag Wrangling Supervisors must not discuss identifiable Personal Data (including from Support) of individual volunteers or users or Policy & Abuse Data in any OTW space that can be accessed by anyone not directly involved in the matter under discussion, including public Slack channels, mailing lists, the internal wiki, Basecamp, and other open OTW communication tools. Tag Wrangling Supervisors may only disclose Personal Data with permission or in non-identifiable form.

Examples of information that is fine to share include statistics regarding how many wranglers were recruited, number of wranglers in each category etc), or when permission has been granted beforehand (for example, wranglers who agree to be listed in the newsletter).

Specific Support Data should not be discussed outside the OTW other than in general terms, but can be used for purposes of communicating needs to Wranglers and Tag Wrangling Committee Discussions.

For example, “We receive requests about changing tag canonicals regularly” is an appropriate statement to make, as is making a request to change a canonical to the wrangler assigned to the fandom in question.

Tag Wrangling Supervisors may not discuss Personal Data or Specific Support and Policy & Abuse Data in their own public or private spaces or elsewhere outside the OTW. This includes communication with friends outside the OTW, in protected spaces outside the OTW, and in anonymous spaces.

Other committee projects should not be disclosed until those committees have made public announcements or have given permission. For example, upcoming imports through Open Doors.

Tag Wrangling Supervisors may not discuss confidential volunteer recruitment-related Personal Data with volunteers or in volunteer-accessible spaces. All discussion of recruitment for Tag Wrangling Supervisors must be restricted to the designated chat room that will be archived once recruitment is completed.

Tag Wranglers volunteer work should be considered confidential and wranglers for specific fandoms should not be named outside the organisation. Tag Wrangling Supervisors may be asked by other wranglers to confirm activity levels of a fellow wrangler. These discussions should not happen in semi-public places such as tag comments or chat rooms. Instead, direct the wrangler to email the Tag Wrangling Chair(s).

Regarding last edited tag information: this may not always be up-to-date; as such, refrain from informing anyone outside of the Tag Wrangling Supervisors of this information to avoid unnecessary strain or conflict.

Breach of Policy

Failing to uphold these terms while serving in the OTW will be addressed under the Constructive Corrective Action Procedure and may result in a warning, suspension, or direct termination, depending on the severity of the misconduct. This will be decided by Tag Wrangling Chair(s) (in consultation with other affected committee chair(s), if applicable) and Volunteers & Recruiting. Please note, there is some leeway for chair discretion with confidentiality (for example inter-committee communication), however if a Tag Wrangling Chair is considered to have breached the confidentiality policy the issue should be escalated to Volcom, with the other Tag Wrangling Chair(s) brought in, unless they have recused themselves.

If a Tag Wrangling Supervisor receives a request for information which would breach this policy, they should refer that request on to the Tag Wrangling Chair(s).

Agreement records

Agreement to this policy will be registered with Volunteers & Recruiting and in Tag Wrangling Supervisor personnel records. All Tag Wrangling Supervisors must agree to this policy within a week of joining the committee, or before accepting any tasks which might be covered under this policy, whichever is sooner.

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