Personnel Information Request

This form should only be completed at the request of an OTW Committee Chair or Workgroup Lead. If you have not received a request to complete this form, please go to the volunteer listings page to apply for an open role.

Please read over the policies below and complete the information at the bottom of the page.

  • Each role has a different recruitment process, which you may learn more about via email. If you wish to withdraw before we contact you, please email Volunteers & Recruiting. We may need to retain the personal information (e.g. email addresses) that you provide to us during the recruitment and onboarding process for site/quality management purposes. Please read our Privacy Policy before continuing.

    All personnel must choose a unique name to volunteer under, as explained in the OTW Name Policy.

    All personnel are required to affirm that they agree to the OTW's Terms of Service and Code of Conduct and consent to be bound by the Terms of Service for the OTW projects they are volunteering for. Please read these before continuing.

    Archive of Our Own Terms of Service

    Fanlore Terms of Service

  • To help protect your privacy, we suggest that you do not use an email address which is also used for work/school/personal purposes.