OTW Name Policy

The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) asks that all staffers and volunteers use the same name in all places within organization-wide tools. To avoid confusion, we also require that the name for each staffer or volunteer be unique.

You can choose to use either your fannish name or your legal name for OTW purposes, but bear in mind that the name you choose will be how you are known for your work with the OTW. Furthermore, depending on the position(s) you hold, your name may be publicly used in some places to refer to you or your work. If you are not comfortable using your legal name in public spaces online, it is best to use your fannish name for OTW work. On the other hand, if you would like to cite your OTW work on your resume or otherwise link your OTW work to your legal name, it is best to choose your legal name.

If the name you choose has already been used by a current or former staffer or volunteer, we may ask you to modify your choice to make it unique.

If you are applying to be a Tag Wrangling volunteer, your desired OTW name may be different from your AO3 account name, but please be aware that your OTW name may be linked with your AO3 name in the course of your wrangling work.