Internal Recruitment – Board Assistants Team Project Specialist

This position is only accepting applications from current OTW volunteers.

Position Title: Board Assistants Team Project Specialist

Committee: Board Assistants Team Committee

Reports to: Board Assistants Team Committee Chairs

Time Requirements: 1 – 5 hours/week minimum


  • Board members
  • Former Board members whose term ended less than 2 years ago
  • Chairs
  • Elections Voting Process Architects


  • Must have been an OTW volunteer for at least nine months
  • Must be willing to agree to a confidentiality agreement
  • Must be willing to agree to a conflict of interest policy

Term: 1 Year

Role overview: Board Assistants Team (BAT) Project Specialists are responsible for helping support the administrative functions of the OTW Board by assisting the Board with specialty projects as requested.

Key Responsibilities:

  • General Committee Responsibilities
    • Communicate regularly with Chairs about your availability, how your tasks are going, and if you need help with a task or a task will take longer than planned
    • Attend regular team meetings/check-ins
    • Participate in discussions about committee projects and activities
    • Assist other BATs with urgent tasks as needed
    • Check BAT spaces (i.e. Slack, email, etc) a minimum of once a week to address urgent requests (excepting hiatuses and breaks)
      • This does not mean that you have to complete a task every week, you simply need to look at BAT chat/email.
    • Maintain training documentation for your role
  • Role Specific Responsibilities
    • Assist Board members with special projects (updating wiki information, overhauling training, etc.)
    • Complete research projects, including researching new tools or updating policies
    • Research and propose communication and transparency improvements to the Board
    • This role’s responsibilities will change from project to project and may include other work as requested by the Board

Skills and attributes:

A good fit for this team is/has:

  • excellent communication skills with a demonstrated ability to deal tactfully, confidently and effectively with people at all levels
  • analysis, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
  • strong commercial/business understanding
  • good organizational and long term planning skills, and can set and abide by deadlines
  • ability to take initiative, particularly in claiming and completing tasks and carrying out BAT work
  • commitment to team building and task sharing
  • someone who can respond to criticism and feedback calmly


Previous experience in any of the following areas is beneficial:

  • Writing & documentation
  • Research
  • Public outreach/public relations
  • Working with tools such as Discord, Trello, the internal Wiki, Google Drive/Docs/Sheets, website admin interfaces (e.g. Ao3, WordPress)

Training requirements:

BAT volunteers will be trained in all required tools, skills, and tasks.