Confidentiality Policy: Open Doors

Last Updated: April 2023

In the course of your work on or liaising with the Open Doors committee you may be privileged to confidential information. This confidential information may include but is not limited to:

  • Information about prospective Archive imports which have not yet reached publication stage
    Fan Culture Preservation Project (FCPP) donor information (e.g., full names, addresses, and phone numbers)
  • Information about FCPP donations which have not yet been processed by partner institutions such as the University of Iowa
  • AO3 Fanzine Scan Hosting Project (FSHP) creator or publisher contact information
  • Connections between fan names and legal names

Any and all information acquired through the undertaking and completion of committee duties is to be kept strictly confidential. You will not share it outside the committee itself (excluding information the chair has provided permission to share, information an archive moderator has provided permission to share, or information which must be disclosed to the University of Iowa to complete a donation). This includes friends outside the organization, in spaces outside the organization (regardless if they are anonymous or protected), and in some cases, in spaces internal to the organization and/or with other committees or volunteers. You will not use information you learn doing work for Open Doors in any context but to complete your committee tasks. You will ask your chair if information is available to be shared internally with other committees or externally when talking about the organization if you are unsure.

If you violate this agreement, you will be dismissed from your service in Open Doors. If Open Doors is your only position, this means you are dismissed from the Organization for Transformative Works. If you hold other positions in the organization, or are a liaison to the committee, any other leaders you are serving under will be informed and will be required to make their own decision about the continuation of your service in their projects.

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