Confidentiality Policy: News Post Moderation Subcommittee

In the course of performing their duties, News Post Moderation (NPM) subcommittee members and liaisons have access to private information about Archive of Our Own users (AO3) and commenters. Therefore, in addition to the confidentiality expected of all volunteers covered in the Code of Conduct, all members of the NPM subcommittee are expected to agree and adhere to this confidentiality policy.

Who Does this Policy Apply to?

All Communications chairs, NPM members, and liaisons to the NPM subcommittee are required to agree and adhere to this policy. It will apply during these individuals’ service on NPM and will continue to bind those individuals after their service with NPM has ended, including during any future service for the OTW in any other capacity.

What is Confidential?

  • User Information: NPM members and liaisons have access to commenter email addresses and IPs which should never be shared beyond what is necessary for NPM work. 
  • Signoff Names: NPM members sign comment replies with signoff names not connected to their AO3 username or OTW name. These names are private information that should not be disclosed to anyone outside the NPM subcommittee. 
  • Unpublished Announcement Information: NPM members will often have access to unpublished News Posts drafts. Information in these drafts should not be shared until they are formally published. 


Failing to uphold these terms while serving in the OTW will be addressed under the Constructive Corrective Action Procedure, and may result in warning, suspension or direct termination, depending on the severity of the misconduct, to be decided by NPM Lead(s), Communications Chair(s) and Volunteers & Recruiting committee.

If Confidential Information is disclosed, the individual who disclosed and/or discovered the information must notify the NPM Lead(s) immediately upon discovery so that damage from the release may be minimized.

Effective Date and Review Schedule

This policy is effective as of April 2024. This policy will be reviewed no less than biannually by the NPM Lead(s). Any member of the NPM may suggest changes to this document. If the NPM Lead(s) believe the changes are useful, they will consult with Legal and the Communications Chairs before implementing the changes, to ensure there are no potential conflicts or unclear language.