Confidentiality Policy: Development & Membership

Definition of Confidential Information This policy covers all information received by OTW volunteers serving on the Development and Membership committee which pertains to any donor or member of the OTW, and collections or databases of such information.

Explanation of Purpose for Collecting Information The OTW must collect personal information, including legal names, addresses, and billing information, from its members in order to verify their identity and ensure fair elections of the Board of Directors.

Disclosure The OTW must receive this information in full each year for as long as the member wishes to participate in OTW Board elections. The OTW agrees to keep the information described above confidential and to grant each member who provides this information the right to vote in Board elections.

The OTW will only release the information discussed in this policy if we are legally required to do so. The disclosure will be limited to the parties legally entitled to the information.

No Disclosure The OTW will not sell, rent, trade, or exchange in any way, its donor or membership lists. OTW volunteers with access to confidential information are required to demonstrate a need to know the information in order to perform their responsibilities to the OTW, and must agree to this policy before receiving such access.

No Unnecessary Use The OTW will use all personal information provided to it only to verify the identity of members and process donations as required by law.

Limits on Information Deemed Confidential If the disclosing party wishes to disclose their association with the OTW, this policy does not prohibit that in any way. The OTW will not confirm or deny such association, except in cases where an individual interested in joining the Board of Directors must confirm their membership in the OTW.

Term This policy applies to volunteers indefinitely, even after they have left their position in the OTW or ceased to have a need to know the confidential information covered under this policy.