Application: Webs Committee Volunteer

Position Title: Webs Committee Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee: Webs

Reports to:  Webs Committee Chair

Time requirements: 10 hours per week

Term: 1 Year.

Role Overview: The Webs Committee created and manages various OTW websites including the main OTW website, the OTW elections website, and Open Doors. Our main goal is to keep the websites working, up to date, and easy to use.

Webs Committee Volunteers are responsible for the the day to day work on our sites. Responsibilities include: performing ongoing maintenance tasks, and working on documentation, and answering tickets submitted by OTW volunteers and the general public.

Key responsibilities:

  • Maintain the websites under committee purview
  • Develop and deploy new website features
  • Attend and actively participate in any committee meetings
  • Answer any incoming requests, questions, or concerns from interested parties
  • Create committee documentation
  • Communicate well with other staffers and other OTW committees
  • Perform any other tasks or responsibilities as assigned by the current committee chair(s).

Skills, experience and attributes:

  • Required Prerequisites:
    • Willingness and ability to learn new skills and research information.
    • Consistent internet & computer access to perform positional duties, tasks, & responsibilities.
    • Strong communication skills

    Desired Skills and Experience:

    • Expertise in one or more of these focus areas:
      • Web Developer: Experience maintaining a WordPress website. Knowledge of CSS, Javascript, and PHP is a plus.
      • Security/Systems Expert: Current knowledge and/or experience of/with web security.
      • Design: Knowledge or experience in print or web design, including UI/UX best practices.
      • Technical writing: Experience with creating, maintaining, and updating documentation and/or policy.
    • Strong written communication skills in English.

Training requirements: Webs Volunteers will be trained in all required tools, skills and tasks as detailed on the Webs Training Plan.