Application: Volunteers & Recruiting Volunteer

Position Title: Volunteers & Recruiting Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee: Volunteers & Recruiting

Reports to: Volunteers & Recruiting Chair

Term: 1 year

Time requirements: 10-15 hours per week

Role Overview: Volunteers & Recruiting volunteers guide and manage services, policies, recruitment and volunteer management for the entire organization; compose and maintain organization policy and training documentation; and communicate with other committees and workgroups in the Organization for Transformation Works on matters related to organization tools and staffing needs. Volunteers & Recruiting volunteers also serve as a neutral party for personnel-related issues.

Key responsibilities:

  • attend and actively participate in committee meetings on a regular basis
  • plan and manage recruitment of volunteers
  • plan and support new volunteer orientation
  • manage tool assignment and removal
  • develop, implement, and review Volunteers & Recruiting policies and procedures
  • advise on confidential personnel related matters and offer support to volunteers in resolving issues
  • review and maintain the volunteer system and database
  • work collaboratively on Volunteers & Recruiting committee projects (e.g., building resource materials, conducting audits, etc.)
  • complete other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the chairs


  • Experience in Microsoft Word and Excel (or equivalents) strongly desirable
  • Experience with CRM (particularly Salesforce) or database software desirable, though training will be provided


  • Must hold two or fewer roles within the organization at time of application. Service records can be requested from the Volunteers & Recruiting chair before application.
  • Must not hold a seat on Board of Directors.


  • integrity in upholding the Volunteers & Recruiting Committee Standards Agreement
  • impartiality, adaptability, and a commitment to fostering diversity
  • commitment to team building and task sharing
  • an ability to take initiative, particularly in claiming and completing tasks and carrying out the committee’s work
  • organization and long-term planning skills
  • analysis, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
  • an ability to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences
  • an ability to adapt to new software and procedures quickly
  • consistent availability throughout the year

Training requirements: Volunteers & Recruiting volunteers will be trained in all required tools, skills and tasks as detailed on the Volunteers & Recruiting VolunteerTraining Plan