Application: TWC Committee – Proofreader Volunteer

Position Title: TWC Committee Volunteer: Proofreader

Committee: TWC

Reports to: TWC Committee staff

Time Requirements: 8-10 hours 3 times a year (February, May, August)

Term: 1 Year

Role overview: TWC proofreader professionally proofreads submissions for Transformative Works and Cultures according to Chicago Manual of Style 17 (CMOS), Merriam-Webster online, and the TWC style guide.


  • Candidates will be given a brief unpaid test.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Carefully read assigned HTML-tagged academic manuscripts to find errors in styling, spelling, and coding according to documentation and established English-language usage.
  • Communicate with TWC production editor in a timely fashion about availability and task progress.
  • Finish tasks by the proposed deadline.


  • Experience preferred with proofing manuscripts for a university press.

Skills and attributes:

  • Ability to spot tiny details, such as discernment among different kinds of dashes, spaces, and ellipses.
  • Ability to spot and correct inconsistencies in presentation of spelling, numbers, italic, and other styling.
  • Knowledge of American English spelling and typographic conventions.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to complete projects within a set time period.

Training requirements:

  • Proofreader will be trained in the required tools, workflow  and Open Journal Systems.

Recruitment for this role has now closed for this round. Please check the volunteering page for future openings.