Application: Systems Volunteer

Position Title: Systems Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee/Workgroup: Systems

Reports to: Systems Chair

Time Requirements: 3-5 hours weekly (or more, depending on volunteer’s willingness)

Role overview: Administers the servers that keep the Org running, including the Archive, Fanlore, Journal, Fanhackers, and all its internal services.

Key Responsibilities: Attendance at the weekly meeting. Standard tasks: Email server administration, DNS updates, Apache/NGINX management, configuration management, and user/group rights and permissions. Committee members also tackle larger projects like virtual machine installation and configuration, researching better ways to manage our infrastructure, optimizing, and planning for the future.

Skills, experience and attributes: We expect volunteers to have a background in at least one of: Linux/Unix (preferably Debian/Ubuntu), Exim, Mailman, Ansible, MySQL, Mediawiki, BIND, Firewalls, Xen. Comfort in text-based remote administration is essential. If you aren’t sure if you should apply, you should apply.

Training requirements You will be trained in the particulars of our systems by other Systems volunteers in Slack 1-on-1s. Our training plan is 21 weeks at a commitment of 1 hour per week. We can go faster or slower, depending on your existing skill level. New recruits will be able to contribute meaningfully within 4 to 5 weeks.