Application: Systems – Project Manager

Position Title: Systems Volunteer – Project Manager

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee/Workgroup: Systems

Reports to: Systems Chair

Time Requirements: 3-5 hours weekly (or more, depending on volunteer’s willingness)

Term: 1 year

Role overview: The Systems Committee administers the servers that keep the Org running, including the Archive, Fanlore, Journal, Fanhackers, and all its internal services. The Systems Project manager will be responsible for helping to evenly distribute workload, set priorities for projects, and set up best practice procedures for the future.

Date of position description review: Annually in January.

Key Responsibilities: Attend the weekly meeting. Co-ordinate with Systems’ Chair on prioritising tasks and keeping track of on-going projects. Assist with tracking equipment, obtaining quotes from vendors, budgeting, maintaining lists of current and future projects, cheerleading Systems volunteers, chatting with other OTW volunteers.

Skills, experience and attributes: Professional experience in project management for an IT or IT adjacent field. Good time management skills. Able to communicate well with others, good interpersonal skills. Some technical know-how/ability to understand the big picture of what we do.

Training requirements While the Project manager will not be required to work with the majority of technologies that systems uses to do their work, we will offer training for the relevant tools. This will include an overview of the systems and services that we manage, the internal OTW tools, and our current ticket tracking system. We will use the relevant trainings from Systems_Committee_-_Training_Plan for this, adjusted depending on what the candidate knows or wants to learn more about. The aim would be for the candidate to be taking ownership of PM duties around week 4 or 5.