Application: Support Committee Volunteer

Position Title: Support Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee: Support

Reports to: Support Chair(s)

Time Requirements: ~10 hours/week

Role overview: The Support team is responsible for handling the feedback and requests for assistance we receive from users of the Archive. We answer users’ questions, help to resolve problems they’re experiencing, and pass on information to and from coders, testers, tag wranglers and other teams involved with the Archive.


  • Responsiveness – we aim to respond to users’ messages in a helpful, polite, and timely manner
  • Transparency – we aim to be as open as possible to both users and other OTW committees
  • Confidentiality – we are committed to respecting users’ privacy and handling sensitive information confidentially

Key Responsibilities:

  • Answer Support requests (tickets).
  • Participate in meetings and discussions to further projects and activities of the committee. This may include participating asynchronously through email and a project managing platform, and synchronously through chat.
  • Keep track of messages coming through in the Support chatrooms and mailing lists and respond where appropriate.
  • Take on tasks within the committee appropriate to skills and experience, such as writing and proofreading external and internal documentation, training newer volunteers, providing proofreading and translations for tickets, and other tasks as needed.
  • Learn new skills that may be useful for fuller participation in the committee.
  • Communicate with fellow volunteers in regards to their progress on assigned tasks and projects.
  • Work with other volunteers inside or outside of Support to complete tasks and projects.
  • Help develop policies for the committee in conjunction with other Support volunteers and related committees.
  • Communicate with chairs in regard to availability, progress on tasks, and any issues that arise that may impact committee work.
  • Expand and update the Support knowledge base as necessary.

Performance Expectations:

  • Once out of training, Support volunteers are expected to respond to ten (10) tickets a week (40 tickets a month), and should try to respond to fifteen (15) tickets a week (60 a month), as well as assisting in other ways where possible.


  • Experience with AO3 as a user required.
  • Experience in writing help documentation helpful, but not required.

Skills and attributes:

  • English fluency required; fluency with languages other than English helpful.
  • Interest and ability in writing and proofreading/copy-editing help documentation, experience in those preferred but not required.
  • Ability to work successfully in a highly collaborative environment while completing individual responsibilities.
  • Willingness to learn about the OTW, Support policies & procedures, and the platforms used by the OTW for internal and external communication.
  • Patience.
  • Ability to respond to users in a courteous and professional fashion under all circumstances.

Training requirements: New Support volunteers will be provided information and training by the Support Chair(s) or other Support volunteers in each of the following areas:

  • Support procedures and policies.
  • Support Committee’s internal documentation.
  • Support Committee’s software tools.
  • Support’s basic tasks, including as many Support requests workflow walk-throughs as deemed necessary by the trainee.