Application: Policy & Abuse Committee Volunteer (Chinese)

Position Title: Policy & Abuse Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee: Policy & Abuse

Reports to: Policy & Abuse Chair

Time Requirements: 5 hours/week minimum; additional hours for first few weeks for training.

Role overview: The Policy & Abuse Committee is dedicated to helping users and fielding the complaints that come in about content uploaded to the Archive of Our Own. The Policy & Abuse volunteer answers and adjudicates these complaints, following the TOS in rendering a decision, notifying all involved parties of the decision, and recording changes to member files as needed.


  • Responsiveness – we aim to respond to users’ messages in a helpful, polite, and timely manner
  • Transparency – we aim to be as open as possible to both users and other OTW committees
  • Confidentiality – we are committed to respecting users’ privacy and handling sensitive information confidentially

Key responsibilities:

  • Investigate and collaborate on Policy & Abuse reports.
  • Take on tasks within the committee appropriate to skills and experience.
  • Learn new skills that may be necessary for fuller participation in the committee.
  • Communicate with fellow volunteers in regards to their progress on assigned tasks and projects.
  • Work with other volunteers inside or outside of Policy & Abuse to complete tasks and projects.
  • Help develop policies for the committee in conjunction with other Policy & Abuse volunteers and related committees.
  • Keep track of messages coming through on the Policy & Abuse list and respond where appropriate.
  • Communicate with chairs in regard to availability, progress on tasks, and any issues that arise that may impact committee work.
  • Manage Fannish Next of Kin requests.


  • Experience with AO3 as a user required.


  • English and Chinese (Traditional and/or Simplified) fluency required
  • Willingness to learn about the OTW, Policy & Abuse policies & procedures, and the platforms used by the OTW for internal and external communication.
  • Patience and ability to respond to users in a courteous and professional fashion under all circumstances
  • Sufficient time to spend on Policy & Abuse matters
  • Good communication (writing) skills
  • Willingness to make difficult or unpopular decisions
  • Ability to work collaboratively or independently, depending on situation
  • Respect for privacy

Training requirements: 

  • New volunteers must be able to commit to additional hours for training during the first few weeks.
  • New Policy & Abuse volunteers will be provided information and training in each of the following areas:
    • Policy & Abuse procedures and policies.
    • Policy & Abuse Committee’s internal documentation.
    • Policy & Abuse Committee’s software tools.
    • Policy & Abuse’s basic tasks, including as many Policy & Abuse requests workflow walk-throughs as deemed necessary by the trainee.

To volunteer as a Chinese-speaking volunteer, you should:

  • Be fluent in both English and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified both welcome).
    • Our training materials and website are in English. Machine translations are not accurate enough for a good understanding of our techniques and guidelines.
  • Be able to access these websites: