Application: Open Doors Administrative Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee/Workgroup/Volunteer Pool: Open Doors Committee

Reports to: Open Doors Chair

Time Requirements: 3 – 6 hours/week

Term: 1+ years

Role overview: Open Doors volunteers work to preserve fanworks and fan materials, including assisting mods to import at-risk or offline archives to the Archive of Our Own and facilitating donations to the Fan Culture Preservation Project.

Date of position description review: Annually at the end of term

Key Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the import of at-risk and offline digital archives to the Archive of Our Own
    • Communicate with archive moderators and fanwork creators
    • Draft correspondences, announcement posts, and other written communications (internal and external to the OTW)
    • Maintain relevant content on Open Doors website and Fanlore
  • Facilitate the preservation of multimedia fanworks which cannot be imported to the Archive of Our Own
  • Communicate with current and potential donors to the Fan Culture Preservation Project
  • Facilitate the import of zine fanworks to the Archive of Our Own through the AO3 Fanzine Scan Hosting Project
  • Participate in discussions during committee meetings and in chat to further projects and activities of the committee
  • Develop, document and/or maintain committee policies, procedures, and decisions
  • Contribute to a cohesive spirit within the team
  • Complete other committee tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the chair


  • Access to the AO3 in your region with the technology available to you is required
  • Experience using the Archive of Our Own is required
  • Experience using Google Drive and Google Documents is required
  • Prior knowledge or experience with fannish archives, fanzines, or other fannish material welcomed but not required

Skills and attributes:

  • Strong written communication skills in English are essential
  • Strong project management skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines, sometimes for unexpected and time-sensitive tasks
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Commitment to team building and working effectively as part of a small team
  • Ability to take initiative in carrying out the committee’s work
  • Ability to adapt to new software and procedures quickly

Training requirements:

Open Doors administrative volunteers will be trained in the tools, skills and tasks required for their role.