Application: Fanlore Discord Moderator

Position Title: Fanlore Committee Discord Moderator

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee/Workgroup: Fanlore Committee

Reports to: Fanlore Committee Chair

Time Requirements: 3-4 hours per week

Term: 1 year

Role overview: Fanlore Discord Moderators are responsible for maintaining a supporting and productive atmosphere on the Fanlore Discord server, supporting Fanlore’s editing challenges, running Fanlore’s editing chats on Discord, and taking part in social media-related planning.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist editors on the Fanlore Discord server with requests and questions related to Fanlore, including consulting with and handing off questions to Fanlore committee members and other editors.
  • Maintain a friendly, supportive, and productive atmosphere on the Fanlore Discord server, including responding to pings and using Discord’s moderation tools when necessary to enforce Fanlore server rules
  • Run Fanlore’s quarterly editing chats on the Discord server, which involves facilitating discussions, providing links to Fanlore articles, and welcoming new editors.
  • Brainstorm, plan, and implement improvements to the Fanlore discord server to engage editors and create a lively environment.
  • Attend meetings and participate in discussions outside of meeting times via email and chat to advance the committee’s projects and activities.
  • Communicate with fellow volunteers with regard to the status of the Fanlore Discord server community.
  • Communicate with Fanlore chairs with regard to availability, progress on tasks, and any issues that arise that may impact committee work.


  • Required:
    • Familiarity with Discord
    • Experience moderating an internet message board, chatroom, or other community; or experience with social media management, community management, or outreach
  • Helpful, but not required:
    • Familiarity using social media platforms other than Discord
    • Experience editing Fanlore

Skills and attributes:

  • English fluency
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good communication (writing) skills
  • Ability to collaborate with a team to devise new ideas for, and approaches to, community building
  • Interest in wikis, wiki editing, and/or fandom history
  • Knowledge of best practices or experience in internet community moderation preferred