Application: Communications Graphics Volunteer

Position Title: Communications Graphics Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee/Workgroup/Volunteer Pool: Communications

Reports to: Communications Chair(s); Volunteers coordinating assigned project

Time Requirements: Flexible; on average 1-2 hours per week

Term: 1 year

Role overview: Graphics Volunteers assist with projects related to the operations of the committee on an as-needed basis. Volunteers may help with designing and creating graphics or developing materials related to special projects under the direction of volunteers from the Communications Committee.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create banners and graphics for use on OTW websites and social media outlets.
  • Create infographics and other images for various OTW events as requested.
  • Follow the committee’s Graphics Guidelines policy.
  • Communicate with other Comms volunteers in regard to their progress on assigned tasks and projects.
  • Communicate with chair(s) in regard to their availability for projects and committee work.
  • Graphics volunteers are not required to attend committee meetings, though they are welcome to do so.


  • Experience with graphic design or digital fan art required.
  • Prior OTW experience not required.

Skills and attributes: Based on current projects, the skills the committee is seeking include:

  • Demonstrated interest and ability in designing and creating graphics or digital artwork.
  • Familiarity with graphic design software such as Photoshop or GIMP
  • Ability to create vector graphics preferred
  • Familiarity with one or more of the OTW news outlet platforms (OTW website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Ability to work independently on tasks within the scope of a larger project.

Training requirements: New Communications Volunteers will be provided information and training by the Communications Chair(s) in each of the following areas:

  • OTW Basics – OTW & committee tools
  • Role Requirements – information specific to the tasks and/or project to which the volunteer is assigned