Application: Policy & Abuse Committee Volunteer

Position Title: Policy & Abuse Volunteer

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee: Policy & Abuse

Reports to: Policy & Abuse Chair

Time Requirements: 5 hours/week minimum; additional time may sometimes be required during the training period, which lasts for several months.

Role Overview: The Policy & Abuse committee is responsible for addressing questions and concerns about potential violations of AO3’s Terms of Service. Policy & Abuse volunteers investigate user reports, answer questions about AO3 policies, and work with other Policy & Abuse volunteers and OTW committees to complete tasks and projects.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Investigate and resolve Policy & Abuse reports submitted by AO3 users
  • Review investigations performed by other Policy & Abuse volunteers
  • Enforce the AO3 TOS and associated policies consistently, regardless of personal views
  • Respond to users in a courteous and professional fashion under all circumstances
  • Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive material, including users’ personal information and details of all investigations
  • Participate in discussions with other Policy & Abuse volunteers about individual cases and general policies
  • Take on tasks within the committee appropriate to skills and experience, such as writing and editing documentation, proofreading or translating ticket responses, managing projects and teams, training newer volunteers, etc.
  • Learn new skills that may be necessary for fuller participation in the committee
  • Communicate with the Policy & Abuse Chair(s) and other volunteers regularly to keep them apprised of availability, progress on tasks, and any issues that arise that may impact committee work


  • Familiarity with AO3 as a user is required.

Skills and Attributes: 

  • Must be at least 18 years old and legally of age to work with explicit material in your local jurisdiction
  • English language proficiency is required; additional language skills are an asset
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Strong respect for confidentiality and user privacy
  • Ability to remain professional and patient when communicating with users and resolving complaints
  • Willingness to make difficult or unpopular decisions
  • Ability to work successfully in a highly collaborative environment while completing individual responsibilities
  • Willingness to accept and offer constructive criticism in a clear and helpful manner
  • Ability to reliably meet deadlines, sometimes for unexpected and time-sensitive tasks

Training Requirements: 

  • New Policy & Abuse volunteers will be trained in all necessary tools, skills, and other tasks. The training period will last several months.

Technology Requirements:

  • Policy & Abuse volunteers must have reliable access to a computer or laptop; committee work cannot be performed solely on mobile devices (phone, tablet, etc.).