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The Vidding History project of the OTW has now got its own home on our website. The project is committed to documenting and celebrating the 35 year history of fan vidding, and to arguing that vids are a fair use under US copyright law.

Our work toward these ends include:

* A Test Suite of Fair Use Vids, offered as part of the OTW’s reply comment in support of the EFF’s petition to the Copyright Office for a DMCA exemption for vidders and other makers of transformative or otherwise fair use works.

* Vidding (2008), a documentary introducing people to vidding produced by the Organization for Transformative Works in partnership with MIT and New Media Literacy, 2008.

* The Oral History Project, an ongoing attempt to document the experiences of many of the foremothers of vidding. We would like to have as many vidders as possible involved in this project; if you are interested in being interviewed, please contact us.

* Helping to educate the public about what vids are and why they are fair use by means of articles and presentations.

* …and last but not least; our dream. A Vidding Archive of Our Own.

Go take a look at our projects! We will be expanding the Vidding History project over the course of the year, so if you are interested in being a part of it, please contact us through the Volunteers contact form.

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  1. Please leave a name commented:

    I don’t know if this is really the place to ask, but I’m putting together a panel on vidding for the Highlander Worldwide convention in LA this April and the more I think about it, the more I would like to incorporate an element of HL vidding history into the panel. Might be that as an archivist I’m just a bit more wired toward historical documentation than many people. It’s also driven in part by the growth in new fans in an old fandom.

    Primarily what I’m looking for right now is contact with HL vidding veterans who might be willing to talk or write about their work. Would be even greater if I could get permission to show some of their vids. Ideally an audiovisual history of HL fan vids would be fantastic. Are any of the vidders involved in the Vidding Oral History Project Highlander vidders?

    • fcoppa commented:

      Yes, many of them! Let me put out the word. How should they contact you?

      • Valoise commented:

        They can either leave me a message at my lj page (, pm me on lj or email me: [email protected]

        I would really like to get this historical perspective together in time for the HL con panel in April.

        • fcoppa commented:

          I’ve sent out a message to them explaining and including your contact information. Best I can do! Good luck!