Update on the Milestone weekend

AO3 logo wearing a party hat amidst confetti with text of '1 Million Celebration'

Yesterday the AO3 reached its one million milestone and here are some things that have been taking place since.

ao3million posts

Since our milestone 354 new works have been posted to AO3 using the AO3 1 Million tag. \o/ for new fanworks!

There have also been a lot of fic recs flying around on Twitter and Tumblr under the #ao3million tag. So if you’re looking for something new, check those out and remember to add your own!

It’s been very moving to the staff and volunteers to read the many personal messages of how much AO3 has meant to people. Thank you for sharing those with us and also to the new donors who have stepped forward to help us keep things running!


The organizers of Nine World’s fanfic programming last year are hosting a party in London to celebrate AO3’s milestone. It will be held on March 8 from 5-11 pm at The Blue Lion. Let them know you’ll be there.

If you are planning parties or events yourself, let us know here in comments and we’ll keep updating this post with information.

Another milestone!

The AO3’s sister project, Fanlore, has also zoomed past a milestone. Last year it was passing 25,000 articles. Now it’s passed its 500,000th edit on the same day that AO3 hit 1 million! Please join us in congratulating all the editors, gardeners, and staffers who have worked on those many entries <3

Yet to come

We plan to keep celebrating through March, so stay tuned for our announcement next weekend with details of upcoming events. We’ll be counting on your input! And in another few days we’ll be letting you know about something we’re planning for coming years. So keep an eye on OTW News.

In the meantime, let us know what you’ve been seeing, planning, and doing!

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