United We Stand: Glockgal’s Avatar Zazzle Site Restored

The OTW belatedly joins in celebrating the restoration of Glockgal’s Avatar site on Zazzle. As you may remember, Glockgal’s store was TOSed ostensibly for violating Viacom’s intellectual property rights, even though Glockgal’s items were mostly textual expressions of her critique of the all-white casting of the new live-action Avatar film. Viacom was quick to assert that they support fair use and only take things down when they aren’t creative or political; they also invited Glockgal to submit a DMCA counternotice. The OTW was happy to help Glockgal formulate and direct that counternotice, and we have been so delighted to see people from all around the internet banding together to take a stand against unfair takedowns. This (relatively speedy!) victory is a victory for all of us and proof that banding together and defending our rights works.

The takeaway? If someone is infringing YOUR free speech or fair use rights, SAY SOMETHING. TELL SOMEONE!

Legal Advocacy

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