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TWC releases Issue No. 34

Transformative Works and Cultures has released No. 34, a general (unthemed) issue.

Topics in this issue include podfic and podcasts, transactivist engagement, sexual identity, and cosplay. Fandoms include Harry Potter and One Direction, and fan engagement includes Hindi and Malaysian perspectives. The editorial, “What’s in a Name?,” addresses the fraught nature of the term “fan studies” in the context of recent sociopolitical events.

The next issue of TWC, No. 35, “Fan Studies Pedagogies,” guest edited by Paul J. Booth and Regina Yung Lee, is slated for release on March 15, 2021.

We particularly invite fans to submit Symposium articles. We also invite proposals for guest-edited sections or issues.

TWC’s current call for papers includes the following issue:

We accept on a rolling basis submissions for our general issues, which always appear on September 15.

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