TWC No. 3 released!

The OTW’s Academic Journal committee is pleased to announce the release of No. 3 of Transformative Works and Cultures , an online-only open access journal geared to academics, acafans, and fans.

TWC No. 3 has essays in the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Law & Order: SVU, Doctor Who, Lost, and gaming. HP fans might want to read Melissa Tatum’s analysis of filk versus wizard rock, complete with sound clips (Melissa L. Tatum, “Identity and Authenticity in the Filking Community”) as well as Anne Collins Smith’s Symposium essay about wizard rock called “Playing [with] Multiple Roles: Readers, Authors, and Characters in ‘Who Is Blaise Zabini?'” Similarly, The Lord of the Rings fans might want to read Robin Anne Reid’s review-analysis of the LOTR fan film, “The Hunt for Gollum: Tracking Issues of Fandom Cultures” in conjunction with Emma Dollard’s interview with the fan film’s producer, Chris Bouchard. Fans of Law & Order: SVU should definitely check out Julie Levin Russo’s “Sex Detectives: Law & Order: SVU‘s Fans, Critics, and Characters Investigate Lesbian Desire,” which centers around the contested queerness of one of SVU’s main characters, Olivia Benson.

TWC No. 3 also delivers on TWC’s promise to consider “transformative works, broadly conceived”; in addition to fan films, wizard rock, and filk, this issue also features essays on quilting and copyright (Debora J Halbert’s “The Labor of Creativity: Women’s Work, Quilting, and the Uncommodified Life”), fan wikis (Jason Mittell’s “Sites of Participation: Wiki Fandom and the Case of Lostpedia”), and fan fiction archives (“The Web Planet: How the Changing Internet Divided Doctor Who Fan Fiction Writers”). There is also an essay on gaming fandom by Hanna Wirman (“On Productivity and Game Fandom”), which focuses on player productivity in an effort to complicate our understanding of what constitutes fannish behavior. We also review the formation of Dreamwidth, the open-source, fan-owned and run, social network and journal service.

So swing by and browse TWC No. 3! And remember that TWC No. 4, out in Spring 2010, will be a special issue on Supernatural, guest edited by Catherine Tosenberger.

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