Transformative Works and Cultures Releases Issue No. 41

Transformative Works and Cultures has released No. 41, “Chinese Fandoms”, guest edited by Zhen Troy Chen and Celia Lam.

This issue “seeks to dispel both the celebrity/media text dichotomy view of Chinese fandom as well as the factional perspective favored by media”. Further, the guest editors state that the issue “seeks to locate fandom within the evolving Chinese media landscape by articulating the role of fans as they take an increasingly central position.”

The essays in this issue focus on mapping the flow of Chinese media texts across global popular cultures, reflecting on the role of fandom, and emphasizing the labor of Chinese fans, among other concerns. Each issue includes articles representing theory, fannish meta, and book reviews, such as the following:

The next issue of TWC, No. 42, is “Fandoms and Platforms”. It will appear on March 15, 2024.

TWC’s current calls for papers include the following issues:

We accept submissions for our general issues on a rolling basis. The general issues always appear on September 15.

We particularly invite fans to submit Symposium articles.

Transformative Works and Cultures

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