Transform the OTW

23-29 March 201 OTW Membership Drive
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If there’s one thing we know in fandom, it’s how to craft a good story — in words, in pictures, in sounds, in all three and more. We know that a good story involves showing, not telling, and we believe the OTW shows its members, year-round, the good works and good will of the many staff and volunteers who are devoted to communicating our core message: that fanworks are transformative and transformative works are legitimate.

But we’re going to ask you to bear with us for the next week as we come right out and tell you about what we do, why we do it, why we need your help, and how you can support us. The best way to support the OTW is by becoming a member. If you haven’t joined yet, or if it’s time to renew your membership, or if you can spare a little more to keep us running, now is the best time to donate. Why? Because while the cost of an OTW membership will always remain low, for the next week — the length of the March Drive — we’re offering special OTW premiums, and making them available at lower donation levels than ever before. Check ’em out. Tell us what you think.

There are other ways to support the OTW that we treasure dearly. Volunteer opportunities are available across all of our projects. We always welcome new perspectives, fresh enthusiasm, and eager minds.

Another way to help is by spreading the word about the OTW’s mission and projects. The collective creativity of fandom is powerful — it’s what binds our communities together, and it’s what created the Organization for Transformative Works. This week, use that creativity to share the story of the OTW. Please support us using your words, your images, your multimedia, and your voices. Share the story of the OTW.

Transform the world; transform our future; transform the OTW.


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