Torrent of Our Own Graphics Challenge Follow-Up!

We’ve heard some feedback that our post about the Graphics Challenge for OTW’s Torrent of Our Own (TO3) was unclear. We’ve already received some amazing work, but we’d like to remedy any confusion. Here’s what we mean:

We want images, audio, or video from you that celebrates and generates excitement about fan-made images, audio, and video! We will use your contributions to raise awareness of the TO3 and promote vidding and audio/visual transformative culture. Think of it as campaign materials — like the images you see on posters, badges, bumper stickers and logos – we’re asking you to help the TO3 to win the coolness election.

We have some examples for you! Here are a few in use to promote OTW and OTW projects:

OTW icon. Logo in red over black text of quotes supporting OTW.
Archive of Our Own icon referencing Penguin Books
by lim
Fanlore is my fandom icon.
by Laura Shapiro
OTW German membership icon. Logo in red and the word Mitglied

Other examples are things like icons created to promote a fest (an example), graphics created to celebrate a type of format (an example), or banners created to reflect the theme of a challenge (an example).

This meta vid submission we received totally captures the passion of vidding! It’s a vid made up of clips from other vids the author created – with a narrative on what vidding is and why it’s important.

The Wonders I’ve Seen – Aruna7

By request, Aruna7 has provided a transcript of her narration:
Vidding isn’t simply an easy way to fight with your computer, even if it can last for hours or day, as you struggle with ghost frames and other things of the like.

This is about expressing your views or enthusiasm, or frustration with characters.

Vidding is a work of imagination, [of] emotion.

This is about sharing what you love no matter how mainstream or obscure it can be.

Vidding can expand narrative possibilities or even rewrite the whole story.

This is about connecting with people, viewers and collaborators.

Vidding is about the love of fandom, creations made by fans for fans.

And this is an international art.

Ne l’oubliez pas. [translation: don’t forget it.]

But then you will never know the wonders I’ve seen. [Farscape audio quote]

We want your icons, wallpapers, banners, and vids so that we can use them in our rally crying for the TO3! Your graphics will provide a visual connection that evokes the spirit and goals of the TO3, as well as why we’re so damn excited about it. And of course you’ll receive credit!

Submit something soon! Just email [email protected] with your work in whatever format you think we can reasonably expect to be able to open and show people, and in whatever size or file dimension you desire.

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  1. Cesy commented:

    Can we get a transcript for it, please? I can’t hear all the words properly.

    • allison morris commented:

      It’s in the works! They are pretty inspiring words, so we want to be sure everyone has access to them!

      • Natacha Guyot commented:

        Hey Allison! I sent you a copy of the transcript I made for Cesy this morning. Hope it helps! 🙂