Today is SysAdmin Day!


On SysAdmin Day, the OTW wants to seize the opportunity to salute the work of systems administrators everywhere for the hard (and sometimes thankless) work that they do. Celebrated for the first time in 2000, SysAdmin Day takes place on the last Friday in July.

We want to also highlight and thank our own Systems Committee for the work they do to support the OTW and our projects. This dedicated team of six willingly shares their experience and knowledge with us. Systems maintains the infrastructure that makes the Archive run and the platforms that host Transformative Works & Cultures and the Fanhackers blog, as well as being the committee that makes sure Fanlore‘s servers are running properly.

Internally, Systems also maintains the e-mail servers and those that host internal documents and volunteer records. Saying it’s not a small task is simply an understatement.

So, thank you, Systems monkeys, for all that you do for the organization!<3

  1. Deborah commented:

    Tell the sysadmins, from one who knows exactly what their job is, that they are effing rock stars, man. Hardest job, no vacation, for srs.