This Week in Fandom, Volume 81

Welcome to This Week in Fandom, the OTW’s roundup of things which are happening! Before we start, in case you missed it, the OTW Legal team has put together a news post about the US Legislation known as FOSTA/SESTA and its effects on fanworks. Tl;dr: “We want to reassure you that the law as it currently stands does not apply to fiction, and therefore should have no impact on the Archive of Our Own.” We’re not going anywhere, folks. But in case you’re interested in saving some fanworks so you can access them offline, here’s an FAQ on how to do that.

Marvel Studios has been amping up the publicity in anticipation of the release of Avengers: Infinity War. This week’s offerings featured a one-minute video where actors thanked fans for 10 years of the MCU. Entertainment Weekly shared the video along with a short article. It’s a sweet little video that packed a surprising amount of nostalgia.

The video was a follow-up to last week’s tv spot advertisement for the movie, which you can watch here. That preview included some Stucky feels, which were so powerful that Twitter made them an official Moment. In response to that, Polygon published an article about the ship that serves as a good newbie introduction to the whole deal. Because I’m sure that plenty of Stucky shippers have been wanting to spread the word since seeing that preview.

Of course, not everyone is necessarily looking forward to Infinity War. Over at The Mary Sue, they published an article about what the future will hold for fans of the movies, due to the potential for Infinity War to include bad news.

I’m seeing a lot more worry than excitement in certain wings of fandom. These fans are afraid that characters they’ve loved for years are going to be killed; dedicated “ships” with big followings could see their principals separated by death. A sense of dread is the permeating mood.

Luckily, the article reminds us that fanworks will be there to comfort disappointed fans: “Fandom is also excellent at working around deaths if you’re creating a work set in the MCU’s timeline.” Or if you prefer AUs, that’s even easier to work with: “I can’t see [AUs] ending, even if every single Avenger and Avenger-adjacent person dies horribly in Infinity War.”

There was an article published this week by the South African website The Daily Vox giving an introduction to kpop terminology. That article is basically a scrape of this article published by Your Kpop Guide in 2015, but the list is an interesting read. It may be worth a bookmark if, like me, you frequently find yourself reading kpop news articles–like this one from allkpop about controversy surrounding the artist IU–and having very little idea what’s going on.

And if you do know what’s going on in the world of kpop (or any other branch of fandom), feel free to contact us to suggest stories for TWIF!

Lastly, a staff writer at Kotaku has ranked their favourite Overwatch ships. Spoiler alert: They don’t seem to like Mercy/Genji. What do you think of their list? Do you have arguments for why the ships should be ranked differently? Why not write about it on Fanlore!

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