This Week in Fandom, Volume 66

Welcome to This Week in Fandom, the OTW’s roundup of things which are happening! Before we start, have you seen the sneak peek of the 13th Doctor’s look? What do you think? Too colourful? Not colourful enough? Let us know in the comments!

Those of you who are sports fans may have noticed the reappearance of the FanSided Fandom 250 this year. Those of you with fandom-related Google Alerts set up may also have noticed it. So what the heck is it? According to this preview article, this is what’s going on:

The Fandom 250 is the ultimate ranking of fandoms. From sports teams and movie franchises to Instagram celebrities and brands, if something has an avid, sometimes rabid, fanbase, FanSided wants to honor those fans and — in the spirit of healthy competition — rank ‘em.

The specific rankings are at least partly determined by user votes, but the nominations are made by FanSided. When asked via e-mail for details on their methodology, this is how FanSided Senior Content Director Michael Dunlap explained the “very subjective process”:

Yearly, FanSided assembles panels of its experts to nominate quality fandoms for the Fandom 250. Over 500 fandoms are nominated across multiple categories including sports and entertainment. The panel takes into account longevity, size, worth and buzz into account. Lastly, since this is a subjective ranking, the final key element considered is what we call the passion barometer. The passion our panel sees fans display is the most important quality and allows for even small but passionate fandoms to make the 250.

So it appears that there isn’t much quantitative research going into the list, but some fandoms may get bragging rights of a sort. Possibly the most impressive part of Fandom 250 is FanSided’s SEO, getting the list all over Google Alerts.

In other news, there’s a new Harry-Potter-themed augmented reality mobile game in the works! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is being produced by Niantic, the same company that made Pokemon Go. There’s an official announcement on Niantic’s website, as well as an article with more details on Pottermore, which explains the game thusly:

The game encourages you to step outside with your phone, explore your local surroundings and take part in a series of adventures, such as searching for magical creatures and bumping into iconic wizarding world characters along the way. Crikey. Who knows who you’ll spot in your local park? You’ll also be able to cast spells, discover mysterious artefacts, and build up your very own, illustrious wizarding career. Yep, we can definitely get on board with this.

The launch date has yet to be announced, but you can sign up for news updates here on the game’s official website.

Lastly, with the success of Stranger Things 2, it’s no surprise that the actors from the show have been in the public eye a lot recently. However, as Bustle reports, that has caused issues, particularly for the younger cast members. “On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Finn Wolfhard defended himself and his Stranger Things co-stars in a series of tweets, asking people to not harass those close to him.”

While it’s unclear which specific incident(s) prompted the tweets, if any, the Bustle article concludes that “Regardless of what sparked his recent tweets, Wolfhard’s point is fair. Anyone who’s attacking the show and its cast may fail to realize that A. they’re kids, and B. they’re doing a job. At least Wolfhard didn’t hold back in speaking his mind, and hopefully those that his message was intended for get the point.”

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This Week in Fandom
  1. Janis commented:

    I wish you’d mentioned Gal Gadot’s decision not to star in any WW movies that will result in profit for Brett Ratner. That’s a pretty nice bit of news in the genre/fandom world.

    • Janita Burgess commented:

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      -Janita Burgess
      OTW Communications Co-Chair

  2. tournevis commented:

    The first that came to my mind when I saw what Doctor 13 was wearing is “Mork? Why is the Doctor dressed like Mork?”